Amazon All-new Kindle Kids (2022 release) eReader has a high-res display for ages 3–12

Encourage your child’s love of reading with the Amazon All-new Kindle Kids (2022 release) eReader. Its high-resolution 300 ppi display offers crystal-clear words and photos. Plus, its glare-free construction allows for paper-like reading both indoors and out. Plus, the dark mode and the adjustable front light ensure your kid can read at night or during the day. For ages 3 to 12, it offers up to 6 weeks of battery life after a full charge via USB-C. Additionally, it has no apps, videos, or games, and you can set parental controls as well. Choose reading goals, manage content, adjust age filters, view reading progress, set bedtimes, and add or remove books from your child’s library. Finally, it offers reading development tools like Vocabulary Builder and Word Wise, and it has OpenDyslexic, which is a font preferred by some people with dyslexia.

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