Add style to your backyard BBQs with the Evolve Kamado Prime Series

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Yes, you can use your grill all year when it’s from the Evolve Kamado Prime Series. These grills smoke, roast, grill, bake, and more. Check it out in the blog.

Enjoy multiple cooking options from just 1 grill with the Evolve Kamado Prime Series. Consisting of 2 models: The Beauty & The Beast, these versatile grills cover all your barbecue needs.

Love barbecue? Whether you grill, roast, smoke, or all of the above, this BBQ series enhances your outdoor cooking. Not only are the grills in this series gorgeous, but they also let you cook throughout the 4 seasons. Let’s check it out!

Invest in a versatile grill

Tired of buying multiple pieces of kitchen equipment to cook your favorite dishes? For smoky pulled pork, you need a smoker, and for authentic stone-baked pizza, you should buy a pizza oven.

But do you really need those extra gadgets? The Evolve Kamado Prime Series grills prove you don’t. Thanks to their heat insulation capabilities and ceramic heat deflectors, you can use them to bake, smoke, roast, sauté, sear, and grill.

Even more remarkable, you can set 2 different cooking zones on them. This allows you cook food using 2 different methods simultaneously.

Cold or hot smoke with these stylish grills

Stop buying separate smokers for cooking. These multi-use grills offer cold and hot smoking features, so you don’t have to invest in another cooking apparatus.

The cold-smoking generators let the grill hold your ingredients at 20–30°C. It adds a delicious home-smoked flavor to foods like fish, meat, sausage, and cheese.

Can you imagine giving family and friends home-smoked cheese and sausage as holiday gifts? With the Evolve Kamado Prime Series, these can be your specialty.

Then, the hot smoke feature lets you transform these multi-function grills into premium smokers.

This feature operates at 100–135°C and turns tough cuts of meat into a juicy, delicate meal. You can also prepare fish, ribs, cheese, and sausage using this method.

Roast, grill, and sear with these BBQ grills

But these versatile grills don’t stop at their smoking capabilities. You can roast anything from your Thanksgiving turkey to veggies in them. According to the company, after you roast in your Kamado grill, you may never want to go back to your oven.

And, of course, you can grill over an open flame using the Evolve Kamado Prime Series. The process is easy and cleanup is a breeze.

Searing your food is also an option with these versatile grills. In fact, you can cook meats to your ideal level of doneness, and still get that crispy brown skin on both meat and veggies.

Bake a pizza without a brick oven

Think you need a brick oven to bake delicious pizza at home? All you really need is the Evolve Kamado Prime Series. Since it achieves high temperatures up to 480°C, you can rely on it to reproduce your favorite pizzeria pizza.

What’s more, it can bake nearly any kind of crust, including Italian, deep dish, thick crust, and stuffed crust.

Buy a grill you can use year round

Most people think grilling is only for the summer, but the folks at Evolve have a different opinion. Aiming to change public perception of grilling, their products help you enjoy your favorite meals all year.

Yes, despite falling leaves and snow, you can still cook a hearty meal outdoors in one of the series’s grills.

Go for a durable grill

Did your last grill give out on you after only a couple years? Don’t worry, durability isn’t a concern with these versatile grills.

The company’s Kickstarter page says that its products feature extra-thick ceramics and have been heated to over 1200 degrees Celsius, assuring customers their kamado grill will last for decades.

Even better, the company provides a lifetime warranty. So you can be sure this is a grill that will stay with you for the long haul.

Choose from The Beauty or The Beast

We mentioned earlier that the Evolve Kamado Prime Series features 2 types of surface finish—either The Beauty (a glossy finish) or The Beast (a matte finish).

The Beast represents a tougher, more urbn style while The Beauty’s shiny finish adds a posh, tasteful look to any balcony or terrace.

Read our verdict on the Evolve Kamado Prime Series

Expect great things from your next grill, when it’s the Evolve Kamando Prime Series. Capable of hot/cold smoking, grilling, roasting, and more, this cooking gadget ticks all the boxes.

Moreover, you won’t have to worry about this grill series dying on you after short use thanks to its high-quality and well-manufactured features.

Want to enjoy your favorite recipes at any time of the year? Pledge $633.37 to the Evolve Kamado Prime Series on Kickstarter.

What BBQ gadgets do you own and love? Tell us!

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