A YouTuber Just Created the First “PS5 Slim,” Kinda

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Homemade PS5 Slim
DIY Perks

The Playstation 5 is one of the biggest consoles around, but eventually, Sony will likely release a slim version. However, one DIY YouTuber didn’t want to wait several years for it, so he made his own “PS5 Slim.”

Matt Perks, known as DIY Perks on YouTube, got busy taking the entire PS5 apart and slowly figuring out how to remove, replace, or displace all the most significant parts of the gaming console. The result is a PS5 Slim under an inch thick instead of over 4-inches thick like the original.

He substituted components with homemade parts, like the beautiful copper exterior, built his own LED power button, and removed two of the biggest pieces of the Playstation 5 to create a gaming console just a hair thicker than a DVD case.

As you can see from the image and video above, Matt’s Playstation 5 is super thin and absolutely stunning. It’s slim, sleek, and small enough to fit just about anywhere.

However, if you don’t watch the entire video, you’ll miss that two of the most important components aren’t smaller. They’ve just been moved behind the desk. Most of the PS5’s thickness comes from the massive cooling heatsink and power supply needed to power all the fun games.

PS5 Slim power supply
DIY Perks

For this, the YouTuber still came up with a pretty genius plan. He added new custom liquid cooling blocks to his PS5 Slim, then routed the heat, water-cooling, and power to an external power supply and heatsink unit. This way, the chunky parts of Sony’s Playstation 5 can hide behind a TV, out of the way, where it won’t be such an eye-sore.

And while some will consider hiding those two components elsewhere is cheating, it’s still downright amazing what DIY Perks managed to create using household tools. From the shiny exterior, custom copper water block, and everything else that went into bringing this “Slim PS5” to life.

For now, regular people will have to wait a few years and see if Sony releases a slim version of its hard-to-get console or live vicariously through this YouTuber.

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