3 Ways To Post Instagram Reels In Private or Block View Access

In the last few years, social media has become a thriving ground for people who like to intermingle their real life with the reel. The Meta-owned platform Instagram released its Reels feature primarily because of growing competition from TikTok. While sharing a reel is extremely easy, is there a way to post reels in private or block the access for specific accounts? Let’s find out.

How to post Instagram Reels in Private or Block View Access 

Posting a reel on Instagram is as easy as uploading images. You can either share a video file from your smartphone’s file manager or video player or record a video within the Instagram app and post it for the world to see. But before you post it, you may want to ensure that it doesn’t reach some specific accounts. 

Here are three ways in which you can prevent your Instagram Reels from reaching specific accounts –

Block the specific account(s)

Unfortunately, there is no way to hide a specific reel from someone on Instagram. Especially if your profile is public, the only way to stop a particular account from accessing your reel is by blocking them. 

Here are the steps to block someone on Instagram – 

1. Visit the profile you want to block. On the top right, you will find a three-dots button. Tap on it.

2. Now, click on the ‘Block’ option on the next screen and click on the ‘Block’ option again to confirm.

This will block the viewing access for these specific accounts or any new account created by them for any new Instagram Reels posted on your Account. 

Switch to ‘Private’ Profile

An Instagram profile is set to public by default, meaning anyone can view the stuff you post. If you only want the people who follow you to view the reel, you can switch your account to private. 

Here are the steps to do it – 

1. Go to Instagram Settings, tucked under the Hamburger menu (three horizontal lines) on the top right of your profile.

2. Click on Privacy. Then set the Private account toggle to ON, and the White button would turn blue. 

This way, only those who follow you on Instagram can view the reel you post. Your reels will be posted in private, and all other accounts will be blocked from accessing your reels.  

Bonus: Block View Access for Reels on Facebook

Given that Instagram and Facebook are so well integrated, we often tend to share the same stuff we post on both social media platforms. Thankfully, Facebook gives you more granular control and lets you choose who can see your reel before sharing it. After posting something on the platform, you can edit the post’s audience to select the accounts that can access your reel.

Note: The audience for any post or reel on a Facebook page is set to public by default and cannot be changed.

Wrapping up

While the line between reel and real life is diminishing daily, ensuring you know who gets to watch the stuff upload is vital. The three ways listed above should enable you to post reels privately or block view access by specific accounts. If you found this useful, make sure to like and share it with others. Check out other tips below, and stay tuned for more tech tips and tricks.

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