11 Ways to Make Awesome Product Landing Pages

11 Ways to Make Awesome Product Landing Pages

Meta desc: Want to create amazing product landing pages but don’t know how to start? Learn 11 new ways to create high-quality landing pages to maximize your conversion rate.

Landing pages are one of the most critical and result-driven ways to enhance the performance of your marketing efforts. The world of landing pages has drastically changed over the years as more digital platforms and devices have seen the light of the day. Organizations create landing pages for their products and services, but very few landing pages generate results. Your landing cannot be after the user to convert nor be too subtle to get the results.

Why Optimizing A Landing Page Is Important?

What’s the purpose of creating multiple separate pages for your visitors when they’re very time consuming to make? Most brands work relentlessly on optimizing their landing pages to boost their conversion rate for improved marketing performance. As a business, your purpose for creating a website is to see lucrative results.

Your landing page is the first touchpoint your site offers. How do you convince web visitors to jump on your website? Several elements set your landing page apart from other pages on your site. The goals you outline for your landing page, define what those elements are. Genius Videos has a team of qualified professionals waiting to bring your dream project to reality.

For instance, most websites provide users some forms to fill out. The form length is an essential element in boosting the conversion rate. Both long and short forms perform equally well; However, it all depends on whether you’re looking for quality of the forms or quantity of the forms. It’s one of the most important elements on your landing page that determines the probability of a visitor converting into a customer.

Creating perfect landing pages is your way to achieve the maximum conversion rate.

  • Lead Generation: Your landing page has the power to attract a new lead and convert them into a loyal customer. Clicking on your ad should lead them to exactly what they’re looking for. It’s how they know they can trust your business for a smooth experience.
  • Track Data: The data collected through elements on your landing pages, such as forms, emails, and contact information, can be tracked to measure progress. It helps the business understand how engaged your visitors are. Through multiple software, you can track the pages your visitors spent the most time on, how often did they visit your site, where you get the most visitors from, and if they’ve engaged with any call to actions on your website. Any exits and bounces from the page are recorded.
  • Gather Demographics: The whole concept of a landing page is the visitor paying you the information in exchange for an offer. For instance, a visitor is required to fill out a form on the landing page. The form requires the demographics of the user and contact information. This data gives you the head start to contact leads. It helps you understand new visitors, their wants, and needs. Landing pages serve as an excellent tool for qualifying leads.
  • Optimization: Test and optimize the pages to learn what visitors like and dislike. Test out new themes, fonts, images, graphics, elements, and headlines to see what’s working out best for your business. Genius Videos can help you compare the changes in your landing page and track the progress and response to optimize the user experience.

Factors Affecting Conversion Rate on Landing Pages

There are several factors brands consider to have the biggest impact on their sales and revenue. You don’t want to crowd your landing page with elements that distract the visitors from the purpose of exploring more and purchasing your product.

  1. Navigation
    Unnecessary navigation on the landing page defeats the actual purpose of a page that’s designed to increase the conversion rate. The attention ratio clearly defines the number of elements you can add on the webpage vs. the number of elements that should be added to convert leads. A 20:1 ratio means you have 20 elements on a page to grasp the attention of a visitor. The ultimate attention ratio should come close to 1:1.

    If your landing page fails to generate any leads, refining the attention ratio should be your first step to fixing the problem. Genius Videos provide the ultimate user experience without unnecessary distractions. Try to avoid adding navigation to your landing page as it will mentally distract them from specific call-to-action buttons on the page.
  2. Message
    Your website should be a reflection of your brand. If your website doesn’t reflect the ad or post that attracted your lead in the first place, chances are your conversion rate might struggle to increase. Expectations matter a lot. A modern consumer and user would leave the page or never use a product again if their expectations aren’t matched.

    A website has only a few seconds to grasp the attention of the visitor before they decide to leave. A user’s journey from ad to the page should flow smoothly. Optimizing your message to match their expectations is necessary. The message you put through should make them think they did the right thing by clicking on your ad. Let’s look at an example to clarify the concept.

    You see an ad claiming: 20% off on Adidas Women Gear. And as soon as you click the ad to be redirected to the landing page, to see a ‘welcome’ message on their homepage. It completely defeats the whole point of an ad that promised a certain experience and gives the user a reason never to visit the site again. 

    Ways to Make Efficient Landing Pages
    Here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your landing page maximizes ROI and increases conversions like never before:
  3. Don’t Add Extra Elements
    Your landing pages must be visually appealing with just enough elements and features as needed. Avoid adding too much as it will cluster the page and confuse the page visitors. Instead, given sufficient negative space so people can easily identify information without having to look for it. Simplicity can never go wrong in user experience.
  4. Don’t Ask Too Many Questions
    Website visitors get annoyed when you ask them for too many questions or information. Keep the form with minimal sections and ask for relevant data only. For example, if your page is about a web development company, asking about the number of family members will not make sense. Try to limit your questions to name, email, and phone number. It’s human nature to get flustered by irrelevant questions.
  5. Loud Call to Action Buttons
    The call to action button is the most important element of your landing page. Make sure the buttons are placed clearly with a vibrant button so that visitors can see it clearly. Instead of using a simple call to action button, like Contact Us or Talk to Us, use more comprehensive buttons. Some exciting call to action buttons includes Free Consultation, Order Right Away, and Avail Discounts.
  6. Include Product Videos
    It is important to include product videos on your landing pages. Not only are videos interactive and yield higher conversions, but also give visitors a better idea of the product will look and feel like. Show potential customers how the product will look and feel when it will be consumed. Genius videos produce high quality and engaging videos. For example, if you are selling shoes, a video of someone wearing shoes and walking/running with it will give people a clearer idea of the product.
  7. Give Product Recommendations
    It is important to introduce more products from your portfolio on the landing page. One way to do it is to offer product recommendations to the visitors. It will give visitors a good idea of your portfolio and grab interest in other relevant products as well. There are high chances of up-selling with a product recommendation section on your landing page.
  8. Use Simple Words and Clear Tone
    The content of your landing page is one of the most important elements in converting your page visitors into potential clients. Make sure you do not over-sell your products and services but also thrillingly present your information. Look for words that best describe your product but avoid fancy words. Keep your tone informative as if you want the visitors to know more about your products. Do not try to manipulate website visitors or push them into anything. Let it flow naturally.
  9. Add Social Proof
    Let your landing pages speak of your authenticity and credibility. Add social proofs to your landing page. You can share your proof of work via YouTube to show a visual representation of your work. Another great way of sharing social proof is by including testimonials from your clients and placing them strategically on the landing page. We suggest including links to your case studies on your website, so visitors can explore your work more if they wish to.
  10. Answer Users’ Questions
    There are a lot of questions that people will have when encountering your landing page. It is your job to identify all the possible questions that might come to the visitors’ minds when they interact with the landing page. List down all the questions that the visitors are likely to encounter and then make sure all the questions are answered. Don’t make it look like a question-answer session. Instead, give it an informal feel. Answer the questions before they arise in the visitors’ minds.
  11. Create Urgency  
    It is essential to make the website visitors that people love your products and services. You must make people realize that your product and service is trending and may go short anytime toon. Create offers that are for a limited time to create urgency, encouraging people to take actions within the time frame. You can also make a list of products you want to push for sale by creating a top-trending list or most selling items. It will make people feel that your products are appreciated widely.
  12. Choose Pictures Wisely
    Pictures catch website visitors’ attention attentively, but choosing relevant, meaningful, and interactive pictures is a challenge. Don’t include pictures whose elements or design do not align with your brand. Don’t add unnecessary pictures. You also do not need a picture in every section. Do not overdo with the visuals as pictures can overshadow textual information.
  13. Check for Spelling and Grammar
    The conversion rate of your website is highly affected by spelling and grammar mistakes. When a visitor reads the content on your landing page, only to see poor grammar and bad spelling, they fail to understand your point. They spend more time trying to decide what’s written and less time in taking action. Eventually, they would land on a competitor’s website. It reflects the image and reputation of your business negatively as it doesn’t appear professional at all.

Use These Tips And Create An Amazing Landing Page Now!

The perfect landing page is an ideal revenue booster! Not only will you attract a whole new customer base, but you will also build quite a strong reputation in the industry. Use these tips now and re-define your whole experience!