Zhiyun SMOOTH 5S 3-axis smartphone holder & stabilizer makes filmmaking effortless

Make the most of a simplified yet powerful filmmaking device in the form of the Zhiyun SMOOTH 5S 3-axis smartphone holder & stabilizer. This stabilizer comes with a powerful built-in fill light and a classic 3-axis design. Additionally, it inspires you to create content without any angle limitations. Other features include a cinematic dolly zoom effect, magnetic + built-in fill lights, and more. In fact, the orthogonal 3-axis structure helps you unleash full creativity. The wider space between each axis facilitates filming in low and super-wide angles. There are magnetic steel motors with upgraded algorithms. These will firmly power up mobile phones with large size. The wider phone clamp supports external lens options for your next-level creation. Together, they make a perfect holder and stabilizer to capture content like a pro.

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