ZETAZS KNIGHT Pro 2 mini electric skateboard easily fits in compact spaces for portability

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Take the ZETAZS KNIGHT Pro 2 mini electric skateboard with you wherever you go. Thanks to its compact size, it easily fits in spaces like trunks, suitcases, and under seats. Crafted with a side handle, it’s also easy to carry. Of course, though, it provides excellent performance. Designed for daily mobility, it has large-size wheels that give you good passability. Not only that, but it also has comfortable widened pedals and a shorter wheelbase. Together, these allow you to get better flexibility on the go. Moreover, it has expanded wings on both sides that provide more foot space and effectively improve its turning control. Finally, with a rubber foot position indicator at both ends, it lets you sense the front and rear positions of your feet without lowering your head.

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