Zens Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger Glass has a see-through tempered glass surface

Enjoy freedom of placement like never before with the Zens Liberty Built-in Wireless Charger Glass. This charger can comes with 16 wireless charging coils. As a result, it can offer maximum freedom of placement for wirelessly charging two devices. Additionally, there is an integrated USB-A port and a 27W USB-C PD port. These will help you charge a tablet, MacBook or Ultrabook conveniently with this charger. But what makes this charger one of a kind is the see-through tempered glass surface. With this glass surface, you can easily see the inside of the charger. In fact, it will help you see the 16 charging coils seamlessly working together to make sure your devices regain their power quickly. A wireless charger that adds an extra touch with a unique design.

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