Zens 60W iPad/MacBook Air Charging Stand stores and simultaneously charges your device

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Give your gadget a designated spot to rest on the Zens 60W iPad/MacBook Air Charging Stand. Designed to both hold and charge your iPad or MacBook Air, it does so via the integrated 60W USB-C port. Not only that, but you can also use your iPad when you place it horizontally on the charging stand. Additionally, it features a 65W power adapter to charge devices that require even more power. With an elegant design, it’s sure to blend in whether you place it in your kitchen or office space. Moreover, its USB-C to USB-C cable measures 15.74 inches long and conveniently comes out the back of the stand. Made from recycled plastics, it promotes sustainability. Finally, it offers a viewing angle of 12 degrees, so you can use it as a workstation as well.

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