Yoto Mini kids’ portable audio player encourages little ones to listen small and dream big

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Give little minds the freedom to explore their imaginations with the Yoto Mini kids’ portable audio player. Fun and personal, this gadget requires physical cards to play stories, sleep sounds, white noise, and more. In fact, you can make your own cards to ensure that your child explores their creativity through storytelling. Moreover, this portable audio player, which is suitable for those aged 3+, has Bluetooth support. So you can connect wireless headphones for effortless listening. Best of all, with a Pixel display, it brings audio to life on the screen. Furthermore, it features a 20-hour battery life when disconnected from Wi-Fi, which is great for family outings, flights, and more. Finally, the Yoto Mini has a robust design. This means it can withstand food or toothpaste smears, and you can wipe it down.

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