Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 intelligent mowing robot uses RTK-GPS positioning technology

Maintain your lawn with ease when you have the Yarbo Lawn Mower M1 intelligent mowing robot. This autonomous lawn mowing robot takes a boring task off your list and boasts RTK-GPS positioning technology. That, along with advanced algorithms, enables it to work within virtual boundaries. So you can say goodbye to burying wires or cables. With a convenient virtual border, it sets up with ease via the mobile app. Moreover, it can mow up to 2.3 acres of land, and it can handle up to a 68% slope. Set a multizone schedule through convenient mobile app control, and you’ll enjoy wireless auto-recharging. Furthermore, it has an IPX8 waterproof rating and even allows you to manage no-go zones. Finally, its Precise Positioning Vision System integrates RTK-GPS, computer vision, and other sensors.

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