WOWCube system introduces the next-generation of digital interactive handheld gaming

Twist, tilt, tap, and shake the WOWCube puzzle cube to play. The next-generation of interactive handheld gaming, it lets you interact with the digital world in 3 dimensions. Play games like 2048, Pipes, and Butterflies as well as puzzles, arcade games, and casual games. And use the app for more! Furthermore, it’s STEM certified and great for motor skills and spatial development. Additionally, use it to display widget apps like the weather, notes, and more. Boasting 5 hours of battery life, the WOWCube system lets you play video games in a new way. With 24 screens, it works as a smart lamp, a timer, a digital photo frame, an aquarium, and more. WOWCube system lets you create any content you want, like text notifications, a calendar, a music player, and social media apps. The company allows third-party developers to create games and apps for the WOWCube system using DevKit.

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