Windy Glow Big Apple Hands-Free Extra Long Leash works great when walking 2 dogs

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Walk your pup with ease when you have the Windy Glow Big Apple Hands-Free Extra Long Leash. Conveniently, it makes a great companion for when you walk 2 dogs at the same time. Easily wear it across your body, and you’ll keep your hands free to hold a cup of coffee, a phone, or a baby. Plus, it has a super stylish Chili Red color that provides a stunning and standout look. Made with leather, it uses top-notch materials sourced from a local tannery. Not only that, but it also includes shining brass hardware. Its design truly exudes high quality and elegance, and it has a long-lasting construction. Choose to add on a leather AirTag case if you wish, and altogether you’ll love the handcrafted look.

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