Why your Organizations Need PMP Certified and Trained Professionals?

Why your Organizations Need PMP Certified and Trained Professionals?

“Operations keeps the lights on, strategy provides the light at the end of the tunnel, but project management is the train engine that moves the organization forward.”

– Joy Gum

With the above quote, it is clear how crucial is project management for the successful completion of the project. The success or failure of any project is decided by the well-qualified project management team. So, to initiate any project successfully, go through the strategy, and close the project with meeting up the goals, companies hire and train candidates who are highly skilled in project management.

Project management is something that sounds easy until you have hands-on for it. It serves as an integral factor for the proper functioning of an organization, regardless of the sort of industry.

So, to ensure that an organization is working properly with a clear goal, it requires a project management team that has a definite plan and strategies to achieve the goal without creating any chaos. A project manager can monitor change, integration, and quality as well. A project manager has the potential to keep the team working and productive while managing workflow and monitoring all the aspects such as development of the application, hardware and software customization, and rollout of the software itself.

Excellent project management is essential because project managers with Project Management Professional or PMP training deliver success. 

Why is Project Management Important?

  • Strategic Arrangement
    Good project management ensures that the goal of the project to be achieved properly aligns with the strategic goals of the business. Its goal is to deliver the right product with real value.
  • Realistic Project Planning
    The planning of the project should be as per the deadlines while meeting budget estimates so that milestones are achieved within expected timelines, without compromising with the quality of the project.
  • Risk Management
    Risks are considered to be one of the most important aspects of the project that should be taken seriously in order to avoid failure. Right project management ensures that the risks are effectively managed and mitigated against to prevent becoming issues.
  • Continuous Oversight
    It is important to generate a progress report of the project regularly so that you come across what the project is up to and what are the areas you need to focus more. Project management ensures that the course of the project is on track and is reported accurately.

With the following key points. Project management is able to bring the objectives of the project very clear:

  1. Practical communication and stakeholder recognition.
  2. Assigning roles and responsibilities.
  3. Making strategies, risk recognition, and minimizing steps.
  4. Specifying the scope, timelines, and the budget required to execute the project.

These points make it very clear how important it is to have a project management team for the success of any project.

Globalization and digitization have made every organization to undertake projects in various industries. The requirement of project management can be observed in every industry in the technology sector such as healthcare, construction, engineering, government, oil and gas, energy, and transportation, etc.

So it is clear that project management is not restricted to any specific industry, rather it is required in every industry. Consequently, there is a continuous demand for project managers who are highly skilled in looking after planning, executing, and successful closure of the project.

What is PMP?

PMP or Project Management Professional, as defined by the official website of PMP, “is an internationally recognized professional designation offered by the Project Management Institute.”

For getting certified in the same, you need to take the project management professional exam which is based on the PMBOK or Project Management Body of Knowledge. The PMBOKⓇ guide is published by PMIⓇ which serves as a framework across various industry standards as it contains the guidelines required for carrying out best practices.

A Project Management Professional or PMP is the one who has gone through PMBOK Guide and has taken the PMP exam based on the same. The candidate has invested the time in studying the best practices and acquired the essential Project Management education. Also, he/she has inculcated the domain skills by going through the rigorous training for project management.

Why do Organizations Hire PMP Certified Project Managers?

It is possible that you gain good experience in project management without getting certified. But PMP certification is recognized globally by industries as it serves an additional benefit when it comes to enhancing your career. There are various reasons that make organizations prefer candidates with PMP certification. 

First of all, the PMP course forms the base and provides you with the framework for implementing the projects. Moreover, the PMP framework is a de facto standard for the best practices involved in the management of the project. This makes organizations prefer project managers with PMP certification.  

When tech pros move into project management they dive deep into all the aspects of project management with the training. A Project Manager learns to perform well throughout the project, i.e., from initialization to planning to execution and control to the successful closure of the project. 

When you go through the PMP course and certification training, it helps you in remembering the key principles at every stage of the project and carrying out the best practices.

With so many benefits of a PMP certification, naturally, organizations prefer candidates with industry certification in order to make their project achieve great success.


Organizations today are realizing how crucial it is to have certified project managers at their place for the excellent launch and execution of the project. Eventually, they are hiring candidates with project management experience as well as PMP certification. 

Gaining the PMP certification is not that easy. If you wish to add the certification to your resume, it is suggested that you take up an online training course and go through the rigorous training as well as hands-on practice on some industry-standard projects. The stuff to be learned and practiced is all set for you there.

The only thing you need to do is enroll yourself for the training and shoot. A rewarding career in project management awaits you.