What is Lifting Equipment? Types & Providers in UAE

What is Lifting Equipment? Types & Providers in UAE

What is Lifting Equipment?

Lifting equipment is a piece of equipment used for lifting and transporting loads in any construction or industrial site. There are many kinds of lifting equipment used in construction sites, marine projects, and offshore platforms. Some of the popular ones are jacks, overhead cranes, vacuum lifts, forklifts, hydraulic lifts, passenger lifts, and gin poles. 

Lifting Equipment Providers in UAE 

The UAE is a melting point of industrial activities where the marine industry, construction projects, and offshore platforms tend to be the dominant one of all of them. Different types of lifting equipment are used extensively in all projects across sectors, and you can find some of the best suppliers and innovative product ranges in UAE. 

We have listed some of the best lifting equipment providers in UAE that have been working for some of the major companies for many years now. 

  • Ace Cranes

    Ace cranes is a company that has worked in the material hoisting and crane equipment trading for almost 30 years in the UAE. Ace Cranes provides turnkey solutions right from design to sourcing to the installation of all types of lifting equipment. The company sources all of its products from high-quality manufacturers in Europe.

    Ace Cranes also have a manufacturing unit for electro-mechanical parts, crane girders, and structures overseas and in the Sharjah plant. This means that the company holds the ability to assist you in any type of project with the equipment designed exclusively for you. Ace Crane’s product portfolio has many types of equipment such as overhead cranes, gantry cranes, jib cranes, manual cranes, HB light cranes, wire rope hoists, electric chain hoists, and other crane accessories. 
  • ACME

    ACME has been providing automation solutions for various warehouses and industrial activities in the UAE, the Middle East region, and the Indian subcontinent for 45 years now. The company believes in employing state of the art technologies in everyday manufacturing and warehousing activities to improve the operation and maintenance costs of these facilities.

    ACME handles the end to end activities right from design to manufacturing of various types of lifting equipment such as mini-load cranes, tote & case conveyors, pallet stacker cranes, and other customized specialty machines as per client requirement. The firm has a forty thousand square foot facility in the Jebel Ali Free zone. ACME has partnered with many industry leaders such as Schmalz, Teknostore, Metal Work, Optimum Sorters, and Alfa Numatic to provide different solutions to the hoisting needs of the UAE industrialists. 
  • Cavotec

    Cavotec is a global company providing many types of technological solutions to various industries for their activities. The company has a widespread presence of over 30 countries. The firm provides industry-specific solutions for the marine industry, shipping, airports, oil and gas, mining, and other manufacturing industries.

    Some of their popular solutions include crane electrification and automation for the shipping and port industry, cranes for different industrial activities such as marine and manufacturing, and control systems for offshore platforms.

    The company has over 30 years of experience in turnkey operations in these industries. It is known for its dedication towards technological advancement and continued customer service to all its clients. The firm also deploys dedicated service teams in all industrial operations to provide on-site support and optimize the running costs. 
  • Dutest

    Dutest was established in 1980 and is one of the few lifting instrument providers who can help its clients with third party inspections as well. An ISO certified company in ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018, the firm specialized in manufacturing and trading in various types of lifting equipment.

    All products from Dutest are as per international standards. The company’s product range includes wire ropes, anchor chains, synthetic ropes, rigging hardware, wire rope hoist, electric chain hoist, lifting magnet, beam clamp, and drum lifter.

    Some of the popular brands available with the firm are Gripton, Dillon, and Crosby. Dutest provides repair, inspection, testing, and also assists in the operator competency certification for bank man, forklift, mobile crane, and rigger. The company has offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. 
  • Emirates Safety

    Emirates Safety is one of the first lifting equipment supplier companies established in the Middle East. The company has worked with many major brands for their lifting equipment requirements and has grown to become the verified dealer for Lloyds Register, ABS, DNV-GL, Bureau Veritas, Emaar, Petrofac, Hyundai, Colas, Mitsubishi, and RINA.

    You can find different types of products such as hooks, chain slings, safety harness, lever hoists, trolley, and beam clamps (horizontal/vertical), lever hoists, and lifting clamps. Some of their popular brands include GT lifting gear, DSR, Crosby, Gunnebo, Toyo lift, Tracetel, and Usha Martin. The firm also assists in the testing, certification, inspection, and fire safety for all its industrial facilities. Emirates safety has offices located in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. 
  • Goodwin Group 

    The Goodwin Group has been operational since 2003. The company is a major lifting equipment supplier, stockist, and partner in all industrial equipment requirements in UAE. The firm also supplies high-quality solutions to companies in the Middle East, Central Asia, and East Africa. An ISO 9001:2000 company, the Goodwin group has always stood for quality products, customized approach, and 24/7 customer support for all its projects.

    Some of their popular lifting and material handling equipment include hydraulic hand pallet truck, manual stacker, winches, chain hoist, wire rope, and chain assemblies. Over the company’s 17-year market experience, it has served many important names in the UAE in drilling projects, petrochemical projects, power projects, pipeline works, general manufacturing, and construction projects. Goodwin is generally approached for technically sound and affordable projects by all industrialists. 
  • Haulotte Middle East

    Haulotte Middle East is a premium lifting equipment supplier headquartered in Dubai. The company serves the entire industrial belt along the Middle East and has a huge warehouse in Dubai to stock many high-quality products and spare parts. The firm deals in lifting equipment such as vertical masts, push around, scissor lifts, telescopic booms, articulating booms, lightweight self-propelled booms, telehandlers, and trailer-mounted booms.

    Haulotte Middle East deals in both passenger and goods lifting equipment. The company deals in the end to end operations regarding lifting equipment right from design to supply and provides some of the best-customized solutions to industries in UAE. Haulotte is known to have dedicated support staff in place for its clients 24/7.

    Its lifting equipment range is trusted for use in shipping, manufacturing, construction, maintenance, and other industrial activities. You can also find tested, certified used, and refurbished equipment from Haulotte Middle East for your needs. 

Final Thoughts

The lifting equipment industry is popular in the UAE and other parts of the Middle East as well. The versatility of the lifting equipment leads to its usage in many sectors daily. Many trading companies have ventured into the lifting equipment business and UAE has many accomplished and popular lifting equipment suppliers.

Lifting equipment is subjected to some of the most stringent standards when it comes to quality and safety. You will find that the products available with the lifting equipment suppliers above will satisfy all of those standards and local regulations as well. Lifting equipment suppliers in UAE have been trusted partners in all major projects in the UAE and are a vital part of the ecosystem.