What Is a 1000R Curved Monitor?

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Samsung Odyssey Neo G9 1000R monitor

Curved monitors continue to increase in popularity, and if you’ve considered buying one, you probably have seen the 1000R nomenclature. But what does the 1000R moniker represent, and should you buy a 1000R curved monitor?

What Is Screen Curvature?

MSI 1000R Radius

Curved monitors are touted for offering a more immersive experience than regular, flat monitors. But the level of immersion varies on the screen curvature. So the more curved a monitor is, the more immersion it provides. But how do you identify the curvature of a monitor?

Monitor manufacturers use designations such as 1000R, 1500R, and 1800R to represent the screen curvature. The ‘R’ in the designation stands for radius, and the preceding number is the value of the radius in millimeters. The curvature value is derived from the radius of a hypothetical circle that would be formed if the screen of a curved monitor was extended all the way.

So in the case of a 1000R monitor, the radius of the circle is 1000mm or 1 meter. Similarly, the radius is 1500mm for 1500R monitors and so on.

Why Should You Upgrade to a 1000R Monitor?

MSI 1000R monitor

You will find quite a few screen curvatures on the market, with 1000R monitors having the most pronounced curve and 4000R monitors featuring a gentle curve. The manufacturers started by developing less curved monitors, but thanks to the advancements in manufacturing, 1000R monitors became possible in 2020 when MSI and Samsung released the world’s first 1000R monitors.

While curved monitors as a whole offer several advantages over flat monitors, even among the different screen curvatures, 1000R has its own benefits. For example, it offers the most immersive experience of any screen curvature. This is because the field of view of a human eye is like a forward-facing arc and the 1000R curvature most closely resembles that arc. As a result, it’s the most optimum curvature for the displays.

So when you are playing games, particularly those requiring quick reflexes and better spatial awareness, the 1000R gaming monitors give you an edge over other curved and flat monitors. Similarly, you feel right in the middle of the action while watching movies or TV shows.

Human field of view compared to various monitor types.

Beyond that, 1000R monitors are also great at reducing physical fatigue as the complete screen fits within your field of view. So you don’t have to move your head to view different parts of the screen. Similarly, as all parts of the screen have the same distance from you, your eyes don’t have to adjust to accommodate the change in the viewing distance constantly. As a result, there is less visual fatigue.

According to a 2016 study conducted by researchers from Seoul National University Hospital, “eye pain” was significantly lower in participants after using a 1000R monitor compared to those using flat and other curvature monitors.

Although gaming and movie-watching experiences are often believed to benefit the most from 1000R curved monitors, this screen curvature can also be helpful for working efficiency. As per a study by researchers from Ewha Womans University and Ewha Color Design Institute in South Korea, the efficiency of searching and typing tasks considerably improves when using 1000R monitors. In addition, the screen curvature also provides some advantages in drawing.

Another perk of a 1000R monitor is the ability to enjoy larger than regular-sized monitors without worrying about them not fitting in your field of view.

Are There Any Disadvantages?

Although the 1000R monitors offer several benefits, there are some downsides to them as well. But most of these disadvantages are inherent to the curved form factor. That said, some are more pronounced on 1000R monitors than on monitors with a gentler curve. For example, you must sit directly in the center of a curved monitor for the best experience. Otherwise, colors may appear washed out depending on the type of panel used in the monitor, and you may notice other distortions.

Curved monitors are also not great for sharing your screen with other people. If you want to show something on your monitor, you will have to swivel the screen to the other person. Additionally, curved monitors, particularly the 1000R models, are more expensive than flat monitors. This is because of the extra cost involved in their manufacturing.

Lastly, if you are a first-time user of a curved monitor, there is a familiarity curve, and you will take time to get used to the screen.

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Who Will Benefit the Most From a 1000R Monitor?

Samsung Odyssey G8

Although flat monitors are widely used, curved monitors are quickly gaining traction. 1000R monitors, being the newest addition to the world of curved displays, put forward the most compelling case for upgrading to a curved monitor.

Still, given the price premium associated with 1000R monitors, you’ll want to consider whether it justifies the extra cost. Of course, 1000R monitors make the most sense for the gamers as immersion is their key selling point. But people who spend a lot of time in front of their computer screen, watching content or creating it, will also appreciate the various perks of this screen curvature.

How Can You Get a 1000R Curved Monitor?

Several manufacturers have released 1000R monitors on the market, including Samsung, MSI, AOC, and Benq. However, Samsung is arguably most invested in 1000R monitors, and the company sells many popular models, including the Odyssey G7, which is our pick for the best 240Hz gaming monitor, and Odyssey Neo G9.

1000R Gaming Monitor

Samsung Odyssey G7

The Samsung Odyssey G7 is one of the most popular 1000R curved monitors. It comes with a 240Hz refresh rate, WQHD screen, and a fast response time.

If you want to identify whether a curved monitor is 1000R or not, look for the screen curvature or curvature value in the product specifications. If you decide 1000R is not for you, we’ve curated several picks for the best curved monitors of varying curve levels, not to mention traditional monitors as well.

The Best Curved Monitors of 2022

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Best Curved Ultrawide Monitor

Samsung Odyssey Neo G9

Best Curved Ultrawide Monitor Under $500


Best Curved Gaming Monitor

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