Wendy Williams Teases Podcast: I’m Gonna Make More Money than TV Ever Paid!

This month, The Wendy Williams Show aired its finale episode after 14 years on the air.

It was the end of an era, but the beginning of something new.

Wendy’s next project involves the world of podcasting — and she has confirmed the news herself.

In fact, she is brimming with excitement over how much money she’s about to make.

Wendy Williams on Zoom
Wendy Williams appears here as a guest on a virtual talk show in early 2021.

Wendy Williams is a living legend.

No matter what alarming reports we may have heard about her health battle, she remains very much alive.

In fact, she has even been spotted out and about recently … and we’re due to hear much more from her.

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For weeks, the Wendy Williams Resurgence has been all but confirmed.

Wendy, who got her start doing radio, is a natural fit for podcasting.

Now, TMZ has confirmed that she’s already lining up big names for her comeback.

Wendy Williams Close Up
This is a close up of Wendy Williams. We wish her the best of luck with her health stuggles.

First and foremost, the tabloid confirmed with Wendy’s manager, Will Selby, that she’s not angling for a TV return.

At least, not full time. Not yet.

Selby will be executive producing Wendy’s podcast.

Wendy has spoken to the likes of Snoop Dogg and Fat Joe about appearing as podcast guests.

For many years, Wendy’s guests were selected to fit various interests.

Wendy’s podcast will largely focus upon her personal favorites from the world of music.

Wendy Williams in Her Chair
Wendy Williams had a strong run as host of her own talk show. Alas, it came to an end in February 2022.

Per the report, Wendy has spoken to members of the Kardashian family.

Oddly, she has spoken to a member of the Trump family. Um, finger’s crossed for Tiffany?

That could potentially mean someone involved in seditious conspiracy. What, were the bin Ladens all booked?

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Back in May, Wendy was still vowing to return to television.

However, the level of control that Wendy can have on a podcast is apparently appealing to her.

She can talk about her favorite artists, fashion, food, and celebrities with little to no outside input.

Wendy Williams is Back!
Wendy Williams is seen here in her return to her talk show, following a two-month hiatus.

Per the report, Wendy is still ironing out some decisions.

She could always partner with a colossal platform, like Spotify or Apple.

Wendy could also release her podcast independently.

Wendy Williams Goes Wide-Eyed

Another thing to work out is the timetable.

When will Wendy’s show premiere? Even she doesn’t know.

But she knows that she’s still open to appearing on television, from talk shows to reality TV.

Wendy Williams in Shock

TMZ also caught up with Wendy while she was out and about.

Contrary to what alarming reports warned late last year, Wendy is clearly able to walk and talk.

Wendy boasted that she will be able to rake in more money while podcasting than she did on television. That is exciting news!

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We don’t know what Wendy’s big podcasting project will look like.

However, we can all be certain that it will be interesting. Wendy invariably is.

Until then, we can just be glad that she is feeling better.

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