Watch: Those viral ‘alien corpses’ get lab tests

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Two tiny alleged “non-human” bodies have undergone testing, including a CT scan and x-rays, after they were presented to congress in Mexico last week.

Self-proclaimed UFO expert, Jaime Maussan, had brought the two corpses to a congressional hearing as evidence of ancient “non-human” life. His presentation went viral, with many calling the bodies “aliens”- but it has been widely disputed by scientists.

Mr Maussan said the apparent artefacts had been discovered in Peru in 2017 and were 1,800 years old.

José de Jesús Zalce Benitez, reportedly a military doctor and forensic expert, carried out the tests. He said results showed that the so-called bodies were not manipulated and “belong to a single skeleton that has not been joined to other pieces”.

Last week, Nasa scientist Dr David Spergel responded to the news urging the men to, “Make samples available to the world scientific community and we’ll see what’s there.”

A previous purported “discovery” by Mr Maussan and Mr Benitez was debunked and shown to be two human mummies manipulated to appear alien.


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