Watch car fly off tow truck ramp on US motorway

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Police bodycam footage shows the moment a driver drove up a tow truck ramp at full speed on a US highway, sending her vehicle flying through the air.

While landing, the car crashed into another vehicle that was travelling in the same direction.

Lowndes County Sheriff’s officers were already at the scene attending to a crash on the other side of the road, and rushed to the aid of the driver. A deputy was hit by some debris and sustained minor injuries.

The driver – a 21-year-old woman – survived the crash, but was hospitalised with serious injuries.

It’s not yet clear what the direct cause of the crash was, but police told told local media the accident is a good example of the importance of observing to Georgia’s Move Over Law. This law requires drivers in the lane next to the shoulder to change lanes when emergency or utility vehicles stop on the side of the highway.


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