VSSL Flask SOS bottle & flashlight has a rugged design & highly precise compass topper

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Take a multipurpose gadget with you on your next adventure: the VSSL Flask SOS bottle & flashlight. More than just your average flask, it also has an SOS-capable 4-mode LED flashlight. Plus, it even has a highly precise oil-filled compass topper so you always know where you’re going. Of course, this flask also has an 8-ounce carrying capacity and comes with 2 collapsible 1.5-ounce shot glasses. The shot glasses fit neatly into the base for storage. With a slim and compact design, it measures just 9.375 inches tall and 2 inches in diameter. And it weighs just 1.31 pounds. Furthermore, you get a cast aluminum VSSL bottle opener so you’re always prepared. Finally, its durable construction uses military-grade aluminum and food-grade stainless steel to last generations to come.


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