Vanpowers City Vanture DIY eBike has a design you can assemble from every single part

Take your urban riding experience to an unmatched level with the Vanpowers City Vanture DIY eBike. This eBike is a perfect match for urban riding and is super light on its feet. Thanks to the frame design, hydraulic disc brake, and LCD display, this eBike makes a great mode of transport you can actually assemble from scratch. Additionally, the eBike comes with an invisible downtube battery, all-in-one motor, sensor, and controller, and more. There’s also the Gates® belt and customizable saddle options. These will enable you to meet the demands of all cyclists as an everyday rider. You can extend your assist range from 50 miles/80 km to about 80 miles/130 km with just an additional battery. Together with the lightweight design and speed, the riding experience of this eBike is top-notch and one of a kind.

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