Uphold Cutlery pocket-size utensils have a reusable and folding design ideal for travel

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Carry convenient utensils when you have the pocket-size Uphold Cutlery. Designed for contemporary lifestyles, its reusable and folding design makes it great for on-the-go dining. A great way to eliminate single-use plastics, the set includes a fork, knife, and spoon. And they all pack down into the size of a regular card case that blends with your aesthetic. Moreover, their ergonomic design is ideal for to-go boxes and soup cups, which are often taller and deeper than regular dishes. That’s where the larger angles and rectilinear fork and spoon heads come in. They get every last bit of food from flat-bottom food containers and maximize the scoop area within compact packages. Their custom carry case keeps them hygienic before and after use, and it separates handles so that they do not cross-contaminate in storage. Easily wipe them down after use and then take them apart to clean like normal dishes!


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