Turn your artwork into a business with the NETstarium exhibition platform

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Show off your work anywhere with the NETstarium art exhibition platform. It’s easy to use and lets you display your work anywhere. Check it out in the blog!

Take control of your art or other creative work with the NETstarium art exhibition platform. This service is simple to use and set up. It lets you exhibit, advertise, and sell your projects online.

As an artist, your work doesn’t end with your oil painting, sculpture, or film. Nope, that’s just the beginning. Creators must also be business people, advertising their work and booking exhibition venues.

Luckily, promoting creative work online is easier than ever with the NETstarium exhibition platform. This useful platform for artists provides an online gallery for displaying work.

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Want to find a permanent home for your creative work? It’s possible online with the NETstarium art exhibition platform. This new service for artists allows you to create a gallery of your work that you and others can access from anywhere.

Anyone can showcase work in this online gallery, and the service is easy to use and manage. Can you imagine being able to quickly link to and display your work on one platform online? It would remove the hassle of creating an artist’s website or relying on other sites to find and promote your projects.

Exhibit your work with this online art platform

If you’ve ever tried creating an artist’s website but gave up because of the tech involved, this art exhibition platform is a breath of fresh air. The company says its platform is easy to use. Register on the website, then click the button to open a gallery (you can also get your own URL).

Next, you’ll need to upload your files, which can be images, videos, or 3D graphics. Finally, you can edit your file to fit the platform better.

According to the company, NETstarium is a runs-on-web platform. What does that mean? Well, there’s no need to install anything on your devices because the service isn’t an app.

Therefore, you can access it on any device (laptops, desktop computers, tablets, and phones). This makes the service easy to use for both artists and visitors.

A photographer shooting / Image Credits: Marco Xu, Unsplash

Choose a multi-use online art exhibit

Even better, NETstarium is multi-use. It not only lets you display your creations, but it also works as a pop-up store, advertisement, and personal gallery.

You can even use it for schoolwork or an event. So you have many opportunities to use this service since it doesn’t work as just an exhibition center.

Yes, this platform lets you upload your work once and fulfill nearly all aspects of your art business. You won’t have to toggle between different apps and services, and everything is organized in a single, easy-to-access place online.

An artist painting / Image Credits: Frankie Cordoba, Unsplash

Display your work in various formats

There’s not just one kind of art. For that reason, NETstarium’s creators offer various formats for uploading work. Artists and creators can upload images, 3D work, and videos.

So that should cover nearly all your work. Whether you paint, sew, or produce films, this art exhibition platform can be a home for your art.

A potter creating a vase / Image Credits: Nishant Kulkarni, Unsplash

Modify your work with built-in editing tools

Moreover, this platform also includes editing functions that help you showcase your portfolio in the best way possible. Adjust dimensions, rotation, position, and color. The space is also customizable, with choices for different kinds of space and content.

Display your work online affordably

Building an artist’s website can set you back thousands of dollars. But, if you’re starting in the field, you might not have that much money to invest.

Luckily, NETstarium is affordable. A 1-year plan is just $672 on Kickstarter. This gives you a 10-gallery slot for an entire year, an exclusive gallery, and a unique logo.

Get visitors from all over the world

Only local visitors can see your art in a gallery. However, moving your work to an online art platform opens you to viewers from around the world. When you upload work onto NETstarium, people in your city and around the globe can enjoy your creations.

So using this art exhibition platform makes business sense. Why limit yourself to one market when you can participate in all of them?

Even better, you don’t have to book a venue. With this platform, you can open and close your work anytime.

Read our verdict on NETstarium

Whether you’re a new artist trying to get your work out there or an established one looking to expand your business, exhibiting your work on this art exhibition platform is worthwhile.

It is easy, is affordable, and lets people worldwide experience your work. It also saves you time, which lets you focus on your creative work.

Want to display your work on NETstarium? Pledge $70 for a 1-month plan on Kickstarter. Would you use a platform like NETstarium? Let us know your thoughts!

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