Trinity College to ‘dename’ Berkeley Library due to slavery links

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But according to TCD, Berkeley also “bought slaves – named Philip, Anthony, Edward and Agnes Berkeley – to work on his Rhode Island estate in 1730-31 and sought to advance ideology in support of slavery”.

As a result the university has decided to “dename” the Berkeley library and the decision takes effect immediately.

TCD has not yet decided what new name it will call its library.

“Portraits depicting Berkeley will be assessed in the future by a new overall college policy on artwork, while the academic gold medals memorialising Berkeley will be reviewed by the relevant academic department,” the university said in a statement.

“These decisions represent a nuanced approach and are the result of careful consideration and detailed analysis.

“Trinity decided that the continued use of the Berkeley name on its library is inconsistent with the university’s core values of human dignity, freedom, inclusivity and equality.

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