Top games of the week: League of the Lexicon, Journal 29 Oblivion, Shu’s Tactics, and more

Do you like puzzles and games? Then this week’s game board blog is for you. It’s got puzzle-based games and more, keeping your mind sharp and boredom at bay.

There’s something about puzzle-based games. They get you thinking outside the box and make you use your knowledge in ways you normally wouldn’t. In fact, they’re like stretches for the brain, and—just like those yoga poses—they’re energizing and feel-good.

Puzzles feature large in this week’s Top Games of the Week blog, with quiz-based word puzzles in League of the Lexicon and Journal 29 Oblivion, a puzzle game where you interact with a book.

There are other tabletop greats here, too, like a beautiful Game Master Screen and a smart yet screenless board game. Check them out in the blog below.

League of the Lexicon

League of the Lexicon video

Love words? Quiz yourself and your friends on word meanings and wordy factoids with the League of the Lexicon. While games like Scrabble and Bananagrams are about making words—or guessing them—this game focuses on the words themselves.

It’s a quiz-based game for language lovers consisting of 2,000 questions contributed by authors, dictionary editors, and experts from many fields. The gameplay is challenging yet fascinating. You’ll test your knowledge, strengthen your vocabulary, and learn about word origins and stories.

Want to play the League of the Lexicon? Preorder the digital version for about $19 on Kickstarter.

Journal 29 Oblivion

Journal 29 Oblivion
Journal 29 Oblivion book

Stretch your creative thinking and problem-solving skills with Journal 29 Oblivion. It’s the ideal game for anyone obsessed with puzzles. To play, simply solve puzzles and enter your answers online to get keys to continue the story.

But the puzzles aren’t easy, which is why this is one of our favorite puzzle-based games. You need to put on the ol’ thinking cap and draw, write, fold pages, and more to arrive at the correct answer. At 120 pages, Journal 29 Oblivion has over 40 puzzles and activates your imagination.

Help bring Journal 29 Oblivion to life by pledging about $17 towards its Kickstarter campaign.

The Game Master Screen by Wyrmwood

Top board games of the week: League of the Lexicon, Journal 29 Oblivion, Shu's Tactics, and more
Wyrmwood The Game Master Screen in use

Game masters will be happy that, after 5 years, the Game Master Screen by Wyrmwood is back. This solid wood screen has all the features you need to set up unforgettable scenes and help your player-characters interact.

This time, magnets embedded into the wood attach the Display Panel and Standard Panel. They offer a barrier between you and your players and look great with their hingeless design.

The interior also shines with its magnetic note bar, 6 embedded magnets for displaying information, acrylic frames, and MagPlate. Each component helps you better organize the game. There are even master trackers available that aid you in tracking key stats.

Preorder The Game Master Screen for $65 on Kickstarter.

JOYO smart board game

JOYO uses an adorable animal figure

Enhance your screen-off game nights with the JOYO: an out-of-this-world smart board game experience. While it’s screenless, this game certainly doesn’t lack tech. Nope, it uses intelligent AI sensors to up the fun.

The set features the JOYO console, which scans and recognizes code on the gameboard and pieces. It helps you understand the rules and gameplay options. Cute interchangeable characters add personality, while the unique lighting and sound effects keep the game engaging.

For the moment, JOYO works with 6 smart board and puzzle-based games that cover themes like sci-fi, magic, and mystery.

Pledge $69 towards its Kickstarter campaign to help bring it to life.

Shu’s Tactics

Shus Tactics
Shu’s Tactics promotional graphic

Add a campaign roll-and-write game to your game get-togethers with Shu’s Tactics. Here’s the storyline: the Yellow Turban rebellion has begun, and the rebel army is terrorizing cities and villages all over China.

Liu Bei has vowed to fight the rebellion and is building an army to help the government overtake it. You have decided to join them in their efforts. During the game, you’ll roll the dice to train the army, draw up plans, and recruit heroes.

Play through a set of chapters to finish the story of the Shu Han nation. A new chapter becomes available every month.

Support Shu’s Tactics for $6 on Kickstarter.

Challenge your brain and skills with any of the cool games we found on Kickstarter this week. What are your favorite puzzle-based games? Tell us about them in the comment section!

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