Top games & accessories of the week: Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus, Drakar och Demoner & more

Looking for new RPG experiences and game accessories? Check out our highlights from Kickstarter in this week’s board game roundup.

Looking to spice up your game nights? These unique board games are the answer. From a reimagined update of a classic Swedish RPG to a monster bestiary that game masters can turn to in a pinch, these games and accessories bring new fun to your game nights.

What about a gelatinous cube of jelly soap for your RPG adventures? The Gelatinous Cube Soap wiggles and jiggles and can engulf game pieces. It’s handmade, vegan, and smells great.

Then, you can experience a classic Swedish dragon RPG with Drakar och Demoner/Dragonbane. Available internationally for the first time, this edition introduces you to mirth and mayhem role-playing.

Learn more about the great games below.

Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus, Issue 2

Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus, Issue 2 trailer

Love steampunk fantasy-inspired games? Then have a look at Coddlesworth’s Clockwork Circus, Issue 2. It’s actually a comic series, but it alligns with the tastes of fantasy board game fans.

In Issue 1, 2 young halflings, Imari and Drum, seek the truth behind a dark legend and travel far beyond their homeland to uncover it. Luckily, they escape near disaster thanks to helpful saviors.

In issue 2, the halflings learn that their benefactors belong to a traveling circus of clockwork animations and are treated to a spectacular show. However, they’re attacked by an assailant who tries to steal their book.

Paired with beautiful comic artwork, this story has all the elements of intriguing sci-fi fantasy, which is why we included it in our roundup of unique board games.

Preorder a physical copy of Issue 2 for $20 on Kickstarter.

Gelatinous Cube Jelly Soap

Gelatinous Cube Soap
Gelatinous Cube Jelly Soap with dice and a figurine

Add a mysterious cube of jelly to your RPG adventures when you preorder the Gelatinous Cube Jelly Soap. The latest creation from Pure Alchemy Soaps, this wiggly green cube can engulf dice and figurines. It’s the ideal accessory for your unique board games.

Scented with sweet sandalwood and deep water fern, these cubes add a pleasant aroma. They are also handmade, vegan, and come in 2 sizes; the 2-inch Standard fits in 10 x 10 squares on battle maps.

Preorder the 2-inch Gelatinous Cube Soap for $20 on Kickstarter.

Drakar och Demoner/ Dragonbane

Drakar Och Demoner
Drakar och Demoner promotional graphic

Initially launched in 1982, this new, reimagined edition of Drakar och Demoner/Dragonbane celebrates 40 years of Swedish gaming and has been translated into English.

A classic fantasy RPG filled with magic, adventure, and mystery, this new edition of Drakar och Demoner/Dragonbane is easy to set up and supports fast-paced, immersive play.

Meanwhile, the mirth and mayhem style of role-playing leaves room for fun and silliness, ideal for nights when you want to relax with a game, making it one of our favorite unique board games.

Back the Core Boxed Set for $37 on Kickstarter.

Nocturne by Night

Top board games of the week: Coddlesworth's Clockwork Circus, Drakar och Demoner & more
Nocturne by Night game illustration

Get your fix of vigilante justice with Nocturne by Night, a supplement for Blood and Justice. A book of villains that centers on the dark city of Nocturne and the dystopian world surrounding it, it follows the Prowlers and Paragon system.

In this world, the heroes exact justice on sinister, destructive villains since corruption is rampant and violence rules the streets. So, a few crimefighters take matters into their own hands.

This book introduces you to 62 villains and 5 new villain teams. It also gives you tips on what to do if your heroes go rogue and become villains themselves.

Help bring this RPG to life with a pledge of $30 for a soft-cover book.

The Monster Overhaul

Top board games of the week: Coddlesworth's Clockwork Circus, Drakar och Demoner & more
The Monster Overhaul book

Are you a game master? Get the tools you need, as you need them, without interrupting your session with The Monster Overhaul, a helpful RPG bestiary.

This helpful book gives you those elements that are difficult to create under pressure, like names, motivations, details, and secrets, which is why we included it in this roundup of unique board games.

It works with the most popular and old-school systems, provides over 200 monsters, and gives you access to 20+ maps. Never scramble for ideas when you have this book.

Back the hardcover copy for $50 on Kickstarter.

These board games and accessories keep your game nights enjoyable, from a fantasy comic series to Gelatinous Cube Jelly soap. Which ones will you back? Let us know in the comment section.

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