Top Android MDM Solutions in 2023

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Android Mobile Device Management (MDM) is a suite of solutions aimed at managing and controlling Android devices within an organization.

MDM is part of a larger field known as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM), which includes overseeing, securing, and distributing mobile devices like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. MDM for Android allows IT administrators to enroll devices, enforce security policies, install and manage apps, remotely wipe lost devices, and monitor usage. This is crucial for protecting company assets, such as data, and ensuring that devices are used in compliance with corporate policies.

For businesses seeking Android MDM solutions in 2023, here are some of the top picks along with their unique features and capabilities:


This MDM solution is recommended for its flexibility and support for automated workflows. It allows time-based or action-based triggers to help keep mobile devices secure and up to date, particularly useful for keeping a fleet of mobile devices managed efficiently.


Known for its comprehensive approach, Scalefusion supports various device types and operating systems. Unique features include VoIP calling with Remote Cast and Control for simplified communication between IT admins and end users. It also offers advanced location tracking, geofencing, and the ability to mirror screens for support troubleshooting, making it ideal for large organizations or managed service providers.

ManageEngine Mobile Device Manager Plus:

This free MDM solution can monitor a variety of devices and supports multiple operating systems. It is particularly recommended for small businesses due to its generous free edition allowing the monitoring of up to 25 devices. For larger enterprises, it offers a complete package with containerization for BYOD, remote tracking and locking, and a comprehensive dashboard for device management.

Ivanti Neurons for MDM:

Previously known as MobileIron, this cloud-driven MDM solution allows the creation of a standard virtual desktop for each user that can be accessed from any device. This feature is particularly useful for businesses looking to provide a consistent working environment for employees regardless of the device they use.

These solutions stand out in the market for their robust features and ability to cater to various business sizes and needs. When choosing an MDM solution, it’s essential for organizations to consider the specific needs of their IT infrastructure and the level of control and security they require.


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