Three quarters of UK workforce experiencing severe stress

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Three quarters of workers in the UK feel severe stress due to their work, causing a national wellbeing crisis for employers, according to new research from Search.

The findings form part of the recruitment consultancy’s wider report into health and wellbeing within the UK’s workforce, which also found that three quarters of employees think their company need to improve their mental health and wellbeing strategy.

However, with as many as 77% of business owners believing that they already sufficiently assess employees’ wellbeing, a clear disconnect remains, suggesting that the stress epidemic is unlikely to be resolved without greater communication and intervention.

The firm carried out the research to identify how employers could ensure their employee offering is as strong as possible during the current talent shortage.

The report also found a disconnect between employers and their employees to be a significant factor for workers choosing to leave their job, with individuals not being communicated with and feeling undervalued revealed to be the main reasons for them to consider new roles elsewhere.

Chris Pritchard, Senior Director of Health and Social Care at Search, said: “Having regular, open and honest conversations with your team members is absolutely key, especially when it comes to mental health, and these results show the importance of ensuring there is a structured wellbeing plan in place to support those who may be at risk of burnout.

“With three quarters of respondents saying they are experiencing severe stress, employers need to consider what they are offering to workers, especially during a talent shortage. Personally, I take the time to try and understand my team on a personal level which helps to build trust and often makes them feel more comfortable in sharing how they feel and ensuring people feel heard and valued.”

Search is an award-winning recruitment agency and trusted recruitment partner, employing more than 200 dedicated recruitment specialists, operating out of ten regional hubs and six offices.


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