This superfood garden offers 4 growing styles, including hydroponic and seed propagation

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Want to grow organic greens at home? It’s easier than you’d think with HARRY HERBS. Keep reading to learn more about this fun, versatile superfood garden.

Start an organic kitchen garden at home with the HARRY HERBS 4-in-1 Indoor and Outdoor Herb Planter. This versatile superfood garden offers 4 year-round growing options and waters itself.

Want to grow organic greens, herbs, and other superfoods at home? HARRY HERBS is a great way to start. It makes raising plants from seeds easy and works in indoor and outdoor locations. Let’s check it out.

Go for a self-watering planter

Love plants but aren’t great at caring for them? HARRY HERBS makes plant care simple thanks to its self-watering system.

It’s easy to use. Just add water to the integrated water reservoir. The irrigation wicks of your seedlings, seeds, and plants will automatically get the correct amount of water. So you won’t have to water every day or worry about adding too much water.

Meanwhile, the water level window lets you keep an eye on your plant’s hydration. When it gets too low, pour more water into the reservoir.

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Create the ideal climate with the nursery lid

But self-watering isn’t this versatile superfood garden’s only feature. It also sets the ideal climate for plant growth with its nursery lid.

The lib supports the growth of young nursery plants by controlling the temperature, offering protection from wind and drafts, and regulating air circulation

Get 4 ways to grow with this herb planter

A true all-rounder, the water reservoir and nursery lid give you seed propagation, soil or soilless growth, and microgreen and herb growing options.

And best of all, you can choose these steps at any point in the year in an indoor or outdoor growing environment. How does it all work? Let’s take a closer look at the growing options.

The Propagator

This is the first step in your seed-growing journey. Just dd starting soil or compost, starting tablets, and some seeds. HARRY HERBS‘ irrigation wicks keep your seedling hydrated in the ideal growing conditions.

Then, the nursery lid has a ventilation opening, creating the optimum climate for your plants. So this garden gadget keeps your seedlings hydrated and protected from the elements, ensuring they grow into healthy plants.

The Planter

Once your seedlings have surpassed their starter pots, you can switch to The Planter. There, you can grow your herbs with or without pots.

The water reservoir holds 0.5 liters of water, and the irrigation wicks continue to supply your plants with the proper water.

That way, you don’t have to remember to water, and your greens stay fresh, even when you go away on vacation or a business trip.

The Hydroponic

Don’t want to grow with dirt? That’s not a problem with the Hydroponic growth option. It allows you to grow plants without soil; all it requires is fresh air and clean water.

The nursery pots work with standard hydroponic starter sponges. There, your seedlings can grow and thrive. Plus, openings in the nursery pots allow your plants to be rooted and produce a high-yield.

The Microgreens

Love adding sprouts to your salads and sandwiches? Microgreens are full of nutrients and vitamins, making them a healthy addition to any diet. They also boost the immune system during the cold months.

And, of course, HARRY HERBS supports microgreen growth, too, with its seed mat. The irrigation wicks give the seeds the ideal wet conditions, allowing them to grow in as few as 3–4 days.

That way, you won’t have to wait long to cook with your homegrown superfood.

Grow indoors or outdoors

Whether you live in a sprawling house in the suburbs or a studio apartment in the city, you can grow greens with HARRY HERBS. Its handy accessories match your living situation.

So you can hang it on both interior and exterior walls with the wall mounting set.

Or, for outdoor use, you can hang the planter on your balcony with the balcony hanger accessory. And for stylish indoor or outdoor use, the vertical wooden shelf lets you display 3 HARRYs at once.

Raise vegetables, herbs, and more with this indoor/outdoor planter

Depending on your Kickstarter package, your versatile superfood garden can include starters for a range of tasty, healthy produce. The GUSTA GARDEN Family kit includes HARRY HERBS, CHARLY CHILI, TOM TOMATO, and SAMMY SALAD.

Then, the GUSTA GARDEN Full Garden Package comes with SISSI STRAWBERRY and PAUL POTATO, in addition to the other starters offered in the Family kit.

Read our verdict on HARRY HERBS

If you’ve always wanted to grow superfoods at home, HARRY HERBS versatile superfood garden is a great way to start. Its convenient irrigation system takes care of the watering while the nursery lid ensures your plants grow healthfully anywhere.

And with 4 growing styles to choose from, you can grow nearly any green, herb, or vegetable you fancy. It makes an excellent gift for families and healthy cooks alike.

Love HARRY HERBS? Preorder it for $38.06 on Kickstarter.

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