This smart litter box actually packs, seals, and refills its own trash bag

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Love your cat but can’t stand her litter box? Get Furbulous. This smart litter box automatically packs and seals cat litter. It even replaces the trash bag.

Keep your cat’s litter clean and healthy with the Furbulous smart self-pack litter box. This automatic smart litter box packs the waste, seals it, and replaces the trash bag, so you don’t have to.

Cleaning your cat’s litter can be a stinky, messy job. The sand goes everywhere, and let’s not talk about the smell. The Furbulous, however, eliminates the hassle with its automatic cleaning system and its modern design looks great in your home.

Clean the litter via globe cycling and filtering

You can cross cleaning the litter box off of your to-do list once and for all with Furbulous. That’s because this helpful device automatically separates the clean litter from waste clumps through a process the company calls Globe Cycling.

Globe Cycling pulls the cat litter through a mesh grate, leaving only solid waste behind. The box then moves the clumps to the waste area automatically.

So you can absolutely maintain a clean box for Kitty without dirtying your hands. Can you imagine having a cat without a litter box? With this automatic smart litter box, it seems like reality.

Enjoy a self-packing litter box

Furbulous isn’t the only automatic smart litter box out there. But what sets it apart from the rest is its self-packing and self-sealing capabilities.

The Furbulous has an internal mechanism that allows it to fill and seal cat litter without exposing it to the air in your home. This way, it prevents odors from wafting into your home and the growth mold and mildew, creating a healthier environment for your cat.

What’s more, you can pack up waste anytime you want, or you can wait to receive the ‘trash box full’ alert.

Once the waste has been sealed, you can remove it from the pull-out drawer at the bottom of the litter box. It’s that easy.

Then, once you remove the trash, the box automatically puts a new trash bag into place for you. So you never have to go near your cat’s litter with this pet parent gadget.

Furbulous in a YouTube video

Keep your cat safe with 7 sensors

You won’t have to worry about Kitty while she’s in the box. It contains 7 sensors, making it a truly smart gadget. These sensors detect your cats’ motions and even prevent the box from working when your cat walks nearby or jumps inside the box by accident.

So the box will never start cleaning while your cat is inside. What’s more, the box’s anti-pinch structure ensures your cat never gets stuck inside the Furbulous’s globe.

Manage and customize this smart litter box in the Furbulous App

This smart self-pack litter box also has a companion app. It lets you manage, control, and customize the Furbulous remotely.

This means you can tell the box to separate the clumps while you’re at the office. When you come home, the waste will be neatly packaged and ready for you to throw into the garbage.

But that’s not all. The app also works with the built-in sensors, tracking your cat’s habits and measuring her weight after every visit.

The app even provides weekly and monthly insights about your cat’s health, letting you see irregular bowel movements and changes in weight.

Get an easy-to-clean litter box

Every litter box needs to be deodorized and cleaned at some point. Luckily, the Furbulous uses an effective GHS-approved deodorant. It freshens the litter without irritating your cat.

And as far as cleaning goes, the company says the globe, filter screen, and litter bed are simple to disassemble and all can be washed under running water.

Use this box with any clumping cat litter

Best of all, you don’t have to buy a particular brand of cat litter to use this smart self-pack litter box. According to the company, it’s compatible with all clumping cat litter, which is pretty convenient.

Don’t worry about urine leaks with this innovative litter box

With litter boxes, urine leaks happen and so do sticky poos. Thankfully, the Furbulous’ interior litter bed uses waterproof, non-stick, and scratch-proof polyester fabric.

So you won’t have to worry about random leaks and difficult-to-clean spots. Moreover, a built-in sealing strip around the little bed further prevents leakage.

Get an extra-large litter box for large and multiple cats

Got a large cat or multiple kitties at home? This smart self-pack litter box is the ideal choice. It boasts an extra-large door and a 60L globe capacity to suit cats of any size. As long as Kitty can enter the door, she can easily use the Furbulous

Then, the box’s 6L trash box makes it an excellent solution for multi-cat homes.

Read our verdict on the Furbulous

If you’ve had it with standard litter boxes, the Furbulous smart self-pack litter box is a worthy upgrade. It self-cleans and automatically packs and seals clumps. It keeps your hands clean, your house fresh, and your cat healthy—things any cat owner can appreciate.

Preorder the Furbulous for $349 on Indiegogo. What pet gadgets do you use and love? Tell us about them!

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