This portable Apple Watch charger is 43% off

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You can also plug it into any USB-C device.

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The nice thing about working remotely is that you can work absolutely anywhere you have an internet connection. That way, you can self-motivate and find the best ways to achieve success for you. Unfortunately, when you’re out and about for the day, you won’t always have access to a power outlet to charge your devices when they get low on power.

Your Apple Watch is something that lasts so long that you may forget that it’s running a bit low on battery when you leave the house at the start of the day. Don’t worry: You don’t have to bring a coiled charger with you to charge it. With this USB-C Portable Apple Watch Charger, you can turn your laptop into a portable charging station.

This clever charger plugs into your laptop with a hanging design that’s made with a durable microfiber leather strap. Not only is it convenient and clutter-free — eliminating the need for annoying coils — it also looks great. There are no extra charging cables needed; just plug it into the USB-C port of your computer or power bank to start charging anywhere. It’s compatible with any USB-C port and can fully charge your Apple Watch in as little as one hour and 40 minutes.

Plus, the high-quality magnetic charging module will hold your Apple Watch firmly in place and remain durable for years. For those of us who know first-hand the frustration that comes when a charger mysteriously stops working, this long-lasting solution makes all the difference.

Charging your Apple Watch should be an absolute breeze when you’re out and about working through your day. With the USB-C Portable Apple Watch Charger, it will be. Get it for 43% off $29 at just $16.99 for a limited time.

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