This extra-large litter box also self-disinfects with powerful UV-C lights

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Ensure your cat’s comfort and health with the SCUBIC self-cleaning litter box. It has lots of space and self-disinfects. Check it out!

Improve your cat’s health and hygiene with the SCUBIC self-cleaning litter box. This spacious self-cleaning litter box offers 3.7 cubic feet of space, letting your cat move freely for optimal digestion.

Yes, the litter box. It’s the place where your cat does her business, so you want it to be clean and comfortable. Sadly, many drum-style litter boxes are not.

Most have a cramped interior space that’s detrimental to a cat’s metabolism and digestion. What’s more, a tiny area causes your cat to go to the same spot each time, limiting space efficiency further.

What to do? Go for a bigger litter box, of course. The SCUBIC offers a gigantic space, a low entrance, and no odor/viruses. Plus, the minimalist design blends into any interior.

Let’s check it out!

It gives your cat a gigantic bathroom area

Cats like plenty of space to do their business, and this spacious self-cleaning litter box provides it. Offering 3.7 cubic feet, your cat has ample room to sniff, dig, and turn around.

Other litter boxes offer as little as 1.5 feet of useable space for your cat. That’s not enough. The SCUBIC, on the other hand, even has enough room for large felines like the Maine Coon.

SCUBIC in a video

Offers your cat a low doorway

Some litter boxes also force your cat to climb or jump inside due to an entrance too far from the floor. According to the makers of the SCUBIC, the doorway height can strain a cat’s joints, especially for older or smaller cats.

Luckily, the company has spent years researching the best entrance height for litter boxes, and it’s no more than 7″. So the SCUBIC’s front door sits 6.7″ off the floor.

But the company doesn’t stop at a front doorway. Its experts know that some cats prefer a top entry. So they designed the SCUBIC with both, giving cats comfortable and safe entry choices.

Provides a large & deep litter tray

The company says cats also need at least 2 inches (ideally 2–4 inches) of litter sand throughout their box.

Thankfully, the SCUBIC’S litter tray has a 4.2-gallon capacity, allowing for a layer of sand up to 3.85″ deep, which should satisfy any cat’s preferences.

Using the correct amount of sand is important. If you use too little, your cat may scratch at the litter box’s sides, not bury her business, and the litter box may develop a smell.

This spacious self-cleaning litter box holds the proper amount of sand, letting your cat move comfortably in the box and dig.

Holds waste in a huge container

Then, the SCUBIC’s waste container is also massive. Boasting a 2-gallon capacity that’s nearly 100% usable, you won’t have to shake to distribute waste.

What’s more, you don’t have to pay a small fortune for fancy custom trash bags with this pet gadget. That’s right; standard 3-gallon trash bags fit this litter box just fine.

Scoops your cat’s litter vertically

Self-cleaning litterboxes make cat owners’ lives much easier. But have they been good for cats? According to the company, the answer is no.

That’s why it created a unique robotic structure that scoops clumps upward, benefitting both cats and their humans.

Self-cleans with UV-C disinfection lights

A healthy bathroom area is essential to a cat’s health. Unfortunately, litterboxes can make your cat sick, especially if they share the box with other cats.

But this spacious self-cleaning litter box combats germs with dual high-power UV-C lights integrated under the robotic scoop. It damages the DNA structure of various bacteria, viruses, and other pathogens.

And while the UV-C eliminates surface germs, the plasma air circulation system takes care of the spatial disinfection.

According to the company, this pet parent gadget‘s plasma unit kills 99.9% of colon bacillus and 99.9% of other viruses and odors.

Monitors Kitty’s entrances and exits

While the SCUBIC keeps your cat comfortable and healthy, it’s also a pretty smart pet gadget. Thanks to sensors embedded in the structure, it detects your cat’s approach and presence.

That way, the box knows when it can and can’t scoop the litter, keeping your cat safe while inside.

Improves the lives of cats and owners

Offer your cat a bigger, healthier place to do her business with the SCUBIC spacious self-cleaning litter box. With more space, a lower door, and self-cleaning features, it’s one of the most cat-friendly litter boxes we’ve seen.

Love the SCUBIC? Preorder it for $324 on Indiegogo. What cat gadgets do you use and love? Tell us!

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