This charming desktop tree adds warm Christmas cheer to any space

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Planning your Christmas shopping list? Give friends and family a gift they’ll treasure with the Banguirangui Christmas Tree. Check it out in the blog.

Surprise your coworkers, family, and friends with an elegant Christmas decoration as a gift, the Banguirangui Christmas Tree. Featuring handmade cold porcelain ornaments, this desktop Christmas tree fills any space with Christmas spirit.

Holiday shopping can be a challenge. What, exactly, should you buy for your office secret Santa, a person you don’t know well? And what about a hostess gift for your aunt’s annual Christmas party?

Christmas decorations are always a safe bet in these situations. So if you’re looking for an elegant gift full of Christmas cheer, check out the Banguirangi Christmas Tree.

Give handmade cold porcelain ornaments

Everyone wants their Christmas decorations to be charming and—most importantly—unique. This desktop Christmas tree offers both with its whimsical, handmade cold porcelain ornaments.

Consisting of a snowman, wrapped gift, Santa Claus, star, candy cane, and more, these colorful accessories symbolize this special time of year and add colorful character to indoor decorations.

What’s more, since these ornaments are handmade, you get a one-of-a-kind style that just can’t be achieved by factory-made, mass-produced Christmas ornaments.

The Banguirangui Christmas tree is truly something special and hard to come across, which is why it makes such a unique piece.

Bring glossy, vibrant color to indoor displays

At Christmastime, it’s nice to add a festive touch to all the corners around your home and office. Yes, your desk, buffet, coffee table, and countertop are all excellent horizontal surfaces for a snowman collection and miniature Santa Clauses.

So this desktop Christmas tree fits right in with that type of decor. While we call it a desktop tree, its use doesn’t stop at your workspace. It also makes a great centerpiece or buffet decoration.

And why does this home accessory enhance your indoor Christmas style? Because of its glossy and vibrant colors, of course.

The tree’s bright green hue adds eye-catching color and shines to your display. Then, the fire-engine red on ornaments like the snowman, wrapped gift, and Santa evokes the excitement of the most wonderful time of the year.

Banguirangui Christmas Tree in a YouTube video

Present this unique Christmas tree in a beautiful box

You know that presentation is important with gifts. Luckily, when you give the Banguirangui Christmas Tree, you don’t have to find additional wrapping or a suitable gift box.

It comes ready to give in a lovely white and gold box printed with a single snowflake and sealed with a red ribbon. With its elegant and traditional style, this box looks straight out of Santa’s workshop.

Meanwhile, the tree and ornaments rest securely inside the box atop a yellow satin pillow. Your friends and family will love this stylish container and the fact that they can store the tree inside once Christmas is over.

Banguirangui Handmade Decorative Christmas Tree
Banguirangui Christmas Tree in a decorative box

Deck the halls with a beautiful scroll

You also get a golden scroll with a warm Christmas message when you order this desktop Christmas tree. The paper is textured and features a Christmas message in calligraphy.

Printed with an illustration of a Christmas tree and embellished with other Christmas symbols, the message reminds us to hold dear what matters most at this time of year: family, friends, and joy.

Banguirangui Handmade Decorative Christmas Tree
Banguirangui Christmas scroll

Score an illuminated Happy New Year sign

A treat for Banguirangui backers only, this sign illuminates the words “Happy New Year” and features a gingerbread-shaped family standing in the falling snow.

It’s the perfect way to decorate any home or office for the New Year, sending good wishes to visitors.

Choose from 8 different languages

This joyful Christmas tree also features a Merry Christmas sign at the bottom. It’s available in 8 different languages, including English, Portuguese, French, Japanese, German, Spanish, and others.

The joy of Christmas can be felt internationally, so whether you live in France or Japan, you can send Christmas wishes to your friends and family in their language.

Read our verdict on the Banguirangui Christmas Tree

Treat your friends and family to a gift they’ll display every year with the Banguirangui Christmas Tree. Desktop-sized and full of beautiful, handmade ornaments, it makes a unique decoration that fills any home with nostalgia and warmth.

This product is coming soon to Kickstarter. It’s currently priced at $55. Learn more about it on the official website. What’s your favorite Christmas decoration? Tell us in the comment section.

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