The Urban 9–5 Urban-Industrial Executive Desk adds a focal point to your office

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Love the industrial look? Give your office the same gritty, barebones style with this industrial executive desk. Read our review of it below.

Give your office a warehouse look—without actually working in one—with the Urban 9–5 Urban-Industrial Executive Desk. It comes in 3 gorgeous styles: Brushed Steel, Aviator, and Industrial Concrete.

There’s something about the industrial style. Those stark colors, exposed pipes, and unpainted concrete are about as unfussy as design elements get. And they create just the right environment for productivity and focus.

If you’re looking to go more industrial with your office furniture, we’ve got the desk for you. The Urban 9–5 Urban-Industrial Desk adds a stylish focal point to your office and comes in 3 beautiful styles.

Complete your office’s look with a unique desk

Office design is important, especially if you host visitors. So you want the people entering your office to feel relaxed yet energized, and having a visually-pleasing space can achieve that.

One of the most important pieces you’ll buy for your office is your desk. As the focal point of the room, it sets the room’s overall tone, so you don’t want it to be boring and clunky.

And that’s where the Urban 9–5 Urban Industrial Executive Desk helps. Its raw materials offer a unique style, giving your office a contemporary, urban edge.

Urban 9–5 Urban Industrial Executive Desk in an office

Check out the 3 different urban desk styles

While it looks pretty cool, this urban executive desk doesn’t limit you to 1 choice. In fact, it comes in 3 stunning styles—Aviator, Brushed Steel, and Industrial Concrete. Let’s take a closer look at them.


The Aviator is the brand’s exclusive look. Steel rivets decorate the sides and front of the desk, mimicking a WWII airplane. It adds a sense of toughness to your dream workspace.

No rivets, however, embellish the side you sit behind, leaving your wrists and forearms free to type and write. If you’re an aviation fan, this is the ideal office desk. It’s also great for history buffs and those into the industrial look.

Brushed Steel

Steel is one of the raw materials that made the United States great. Celebrate it in your office with Urban 9–5 Urban-Industrial Desk’s Brush Steel option.

It features a smooth brushed-steel top which is quite a unique component for an office desk. Wow your visitors with stories of the steel magnate, Andrew Carnegie, who advanced the efficient and cheap mass production of steel in the United States.

Industrial Concrete

Industrial concrete has a beauty all its own, and you can have it in your office when you go for the Industrial Concrete style of this urban executive desk.

The desk actually uses a specialty laminate-industrial cement material and lends the desk the same gritty look and feel as the original material. However, it costs a fraction of the price since it doesn’t include metals.

Enjoy the other industrial materials

The industrial style of the Urban 9–5 Urban-Industrial Executive Desk isn’t limited to the desk surface. No, each component of the desk boasts a warehouse element.

For instance, the wood portion is a richly stained ebony hue, evoking the color of soot and smoke. Then, the raw metal grate adds a further industrial edge to this urban executive desk.

Give yourself plenty of workspace

Measuring 72″ W x 36″ D x 30″ H, this spacious desk is ideal for large offices. It offers plenty of space to do work, display decorative items, and spread out multiple documents.

And, weighing up to 155 pounds, it’s pretty durable. That’s thanks to its rugged materials, which ensure you can work on this desk for years.

Go for a desk that’s easy to care for

Meanwhile, the Urban 9–5 Urban-Industrial Executive Desk doesn’t require a complicated care regimen, despite its industrial materials.

To clean it, simply wipe the surface with a damp cloth and dry it immediately with a microfiber towel. That’s it; no special cleaners are necessary for normal maintenance.

See our verdict on this warehouse-inspired desk

So, should you buy this urban executive desk? If you love industrial offices, the answer is yes. This desk adds a one-of-a-kind focal point to the room and comes in 3 gorgeous styles.

Make your office design echo your hard work and productivity with the Urban 9–5 Urban-Industrial Executive Desk.

Buy it for $1,099 on the official website.

What office furniture do you own and love? Tell us about it in the comment section.

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