The U.S. Open Twitter account went all in clowning a Seattle Seahawks fan and Drew Lock

Seattle fans have to root for Drew Lock and that’s their punishment.

Seattle fans have to root for Drew Lock and that’s their punishment.
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The Seattle Seahawks are about to embark on a long NFL season. And whoever runs the U.S. Open’s official Twitter page knows that and isn’t shy about throwing it in the face of Seahawks fans. The tennis account fired back at a Seahawks fan that said tennis wasn’t a sport. They took down that fan, the franchise, and QB Drew Lock in one sentence:

Even the U.S. Open can’t believe Seattle is set on heading into the 2022 campaign with Lock under center. Any honest Seahawks fan would tell you the same thing. When the almighty NFL is losing Twitter sparring sessions with a tennis tournament, you know it’s a bad situation. And that’s what the Seahawks have right now.

U.S. Open continued trolling the troll by posting Chris Simms’ Top 40 NFL QB countdown where Lock came in last. Yes, a supposed QB1 finished 40th in ranking at his position. Which prompted U.S. Open to pose the question:

“aren’t there only 32 NFL teams?”

Since trading Pro Bowl QB Russell Wilson and receiving Lock, draft picks, and players in return, the Seahawks have done much to seemingly improve their signal-caller situation. No one believed it initially, but Pete Carroll is intent on Lock being the guy for Seattle moving forward. At least for the upcoming season.

Seattle won’t even go get Baker Mayfield out of Cleveland. A healthy Mayfield is undoubtedly a better option (including Geno Smith) than any QB currently on the Seahawks’ roster. It felt like they were waiting to see if the Browns would cut Baker, but that still hasn’t happened. The Mayfield option becomes less likely with every passing day.

This is setting up to be one of Seattle’s worst seasons under Carroll. Since arriving in 2010, the Carroll-led Seahawks have never won less than seven games in a season. From 2012-2016 they won at least 10 games each year. Carroll and the Seahawks haven’t had back-to-back losing seasons since his first two years as head coach.

I feel confident that Seattle will lose much more than they win this season. That’s obvious. I don’t think there’s any way this team can win seven games. They’ll be lucky to get six victories. Playing in the NFC West, there’s a good chance they don’t win a single division game. Seattle wasn’t great last year, but they still had Wilson to fall back on when he was healthy. Things could get ugly fast in Seattle with Wilson gone and Lock running the show.

So, considering the type of season the Seahawks could be in for, their fans might want to pack it in and be a little humbler. They probably won’t, but you should probably leave tennis alone. That didn’t work out too well this time.

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