The Series X Gorilla mechanical watch adds power and wisdom to your style

Looking for a watch that’s as unique as you? Check out the CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla. It looks cool and is durable.

Look cool when you wear the CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla. This cyberpunk mechanical watch flaunts a hollow design, displaying the spinning gears and springs.

You don’t wear a watch to tell the time—your phone can do that. No, now more than ever, mechanical watches serve as jewelry.

They express your style, enhance your look, and impress others. And if your tastes err on edgy, this cyberpunk watch is for you.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla video

Wear a powerful, gorilla-inspired watch

Everyone wants to exude power. And whether your day involves meeting with shareholders or exploring a new city, the CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla is the ideal accessory.

Its aesthetics and mechanisms are inspired by the wise and powerful gorilla. The independent spring suspension system makes the product resilient, while the bold lines and 3D square shape empower wearers to chase their dreams.

See this modern watch’s inner workings

What’s more, this cyberpunk mechanical watch features a completely hollow design. You can see the springs and gears spin and bounce as you wear the watch on your wrist.

Watching those tiny pieces work together to show time is magical and certainly beautiful. It’s something you’ll be proud to wear and look at every day.

Enjoy a timepiece with stable suspension

The CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla is highly stylish, but that doesn’t mean it’s delicate. On the contrary, you won’t have to worry about this watch as you go about your everyday life and outdoor interests.

Equipped with a 4-corner suspension system, its mechanism is impressively durable. Like a sturdy SUV, this cyberpunk mechanical watch handles your journey, no matter the conditions.

CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla Silver+Red

Choose a durable movement and design

This watch is even rugged down to its movement and design. The proprietary X Series movement CD-01 and the cyberpunk square case combine to create a physically stable structure.

The 4 triangles bolster the watch, emphasizing its look while protecting sensitive moving parts.

Get a luminous effect at night

Even when night falls, you can still tell the time with your CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla. Its double-X Switzerland Super-LumiNova delivers stunning nighttime visibility.

That way, you won’t have to squint, move the watch closer to your face, or open your smartphone to check the time when you wear this modern mechanical watch.

The watch hands stay illuminated, making it easy to see the hour in a dark street, in your car at night, or during a power outage.

Go for a stylish men’s watch

Are you a little rebellious? Then a cyberpunk look should speak to you. We’ve mentioned this design element several times, but let’s inspect it further.

With its double-sided skeleton case and 3D square shape, the CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla embodies a bare-bones tech look. Its gears and other inner parts are central decorative elements, emphasizing the machine.

This adds a futuristic feel, while the dark colors hint at a dystopian decay. Then, the customized C-shaped double-colored crown adds hardcore style and fashion.

Read time in a new way with this artistic watch

Then, staying true to the watch’s slimmed-down aesthetics, the time scale is hidden inside the watch case. According to the company, hiding the numbers simplifies the design and adds cohesion. Overall, this is a watch whose every detail has been considered and planned.

Mix and match the double straps

The strap is an essential component to any watch. Luckily, with this cyberpunk mechanical watch, you can choose between 2 different straps.

Go for the mesh, food-grade silicone strap if you want a comfortable strap for everyday use. It’s flexible and durable, as well as hypoallergenic. Otherwise, the Nano layer nylon strap is great for the outdoors since it’s breathable, waterproof, and dustproof.

Check out the other durable details

The CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla strength doesn’t end with its suspension and movement. It also has sapphire glass with Mohs 9 hardness, allowing it to resist scratches and abrasion. And with 3 ATM waterproofing, it ensures you don’t have to worry about washing your hands.

See our final thoughts on the Series X Gorilla

Want to express your style with a watch that keeps up with you? Then the CIGA Design Mechanical Watch Series X Gorilla is a great choice.

Its tech-forward cyberpunk design is stylish and powerful. Meanwhile, the pieces are high quality and durable. Stand out from everyone else with this cool mechanical watch.

Buy this gadget for $359 on the official website. What fashion accessories do you own and love? Tell us in the comment section.

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