The Plutus Poker Chips Set redefines functional art, blending utility & appearance

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Play with a piece of art when you have The Plutus Poker Chips Set. Redefining the idea of functional art, this set of poker chips and accessories includes a tabletop, card guards, and playing cards. Moreover, it also offers a 3-in-1 button, which includes big and small blinds and dealer. Showcasing how functionality and appearance coexist, the Plutus collection offers a combination of both playability and taste. From a brand that seeks to exceed itself, surpass mediocrity, and build greatness, the entire set incorporates carefully refined detail. Designed to enhance user experience, the series has a galaxy-themed design and mimics the mysteriousness and enchantment of the galaxy. Moreover, paying tribute to ancient wisdom, it’s encased in an exquisitely crafted wooden box with a subtle yet elegant design. Overall, this harmonizes with any home style.

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