The most exhausted pro athletes are…

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The funny thing about sportswriters complaining about how a professional season is too long is if you ask a person if they’re overworked, how many are going to say no? Any amount of work is too much. Interview me after a long shift or following a session with a therapist, and I’m ready to chase get retired quick schemes. The crypto is named what, and I get to lay on a beach when? Here’s literally all of my money. I’m going to go into a medically induced coma now and wake up in 25 years when health care is free and my portfolio is peaking.

The reason why fans should care about their favorite players revving it past the red line is fatigue leads to pulls, strains, and tears. Some can handle it, and others, like George Kittle, put hundreds of thousands of dollars into body maintenance and still screw up your fantasy team by Week 8.

We also want to see the best talent on the field, pitch, court, ice, and all the other playing surfaces. The annual parade of “injured NBA player X is out for the playoffs, I’m sad” tweets that fill timelines in mid April and early May is depressing enough to make Eeyore seem optimistic.

Player safety is important up to the point of interfering with revenue, but profits often supersede employee wellbeing in any workplace, let alone one in which people are paid tremendous amounts of money to play games.

So in the name of competition, social media arguments, and making you feel better (or worse) about how much time you spend at the office, here are the five most overburdened athletes in professional sports.

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