The killer is revealed! IKWYDLS finale recap

That’s proper. Not creepy culty Clara. Not bizarre and bearded Bruce. Not disturbed Dylan. However Lennon’s bestie. The woman I felt so sorry for. Who I believed simply wished and deserved love and affection. 

Right here’s the way it performs out: Margot casually publicizes that not solely did she kill Helen – she additionally is aware of that Alison’s been pretending to be her sister all yr. And in a approach, all of it is smart. We all know Margot was in love with Lennon. We all know she disliked Alison. In order quickly as she cottoned onto the massive switcheroo, she was out for vengeance, murdering everybody concerned within the hope that Alennon would hand herself in to cease the bloodshed. I suppose she didn’t depend on the truth that on this place, everyone seems to be as f*cked up as one another.

Margot initially stopped her muderous rampage when she caught emotions for Alennon. However then when Alison slept with Dylan she felt betrayed, and the killings continued.

What does ALennon do when introduced with this data? Umm…deny the whole lot and proceed pretending to be Lennon, after all. It doesn’t actually fly with MurderMargot, who promptly stabs her. Seems Margot has a reasonably crafty plan. Disturbed Dylan, in cahoots with culty creepy Carla, suits the profile of serial killer quite a bit higher, so she makes positive his DNA is on the knife. Police Chief Lyla bursts in and…arrests Dylan. Oh, Lyla, at the least you attempt onerous.

However ALennon isn’t lifeless – certainly she will simply clarify the whole lot to Lyla?!

And but…regardless of Margot killing *cough*, her mom, her associates, random individuals who obtained in her approach…and regardless of the try to border Dylan, Alison decides to sentence the harmless man who she was so just lately in love with, and aspect with the psycho. Critically.

Did Alison lie to guard herself? in spite of everything, Margot is the one approach everybody may discover out about What She Did Final Summer season. Or did she do it out of real love and affection for the woman who killed her mother?! Both approach, one factor’s for positive. These guys completely deserve one another.

Margot says she doesn’t thoughts calling Alison Lennon, so long as she loves her. Nawwww, a contented ending for our heroes.

In the meantime, Dylan is distributed to jail, the place he turns into a completely fledged, evangelical cultist – channeling Clara’s spirit.

In order that’s that, nobody obtained what they deserved. Every little thing is…

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