The estate where you can get fined for leaving your bins out, swearing and shouting

People in Eastwood, Rotherham, can also receive fines for drunken shouting and swearing in the streets. A public spaces protection order (PSPO) there has been renewed, but it includes the new condition to crack down on people leaving their bins on the street. 

The PSPO was first introduced in June 2019, and Rotherham Council’s cabinet approved the renewal of the order for a further three years during their meeting last week.

According to Yorkshire Live, the order gives the council the authority to hand out fines for breaching the conditions, which includes acting in a drunken manner, using loud, foul or abusive language, shouting, screaming or “acting in a generally rowdy and inconsiderate manner”.

A new condition has been added to ensure people in the area do not leave their bins on the street after collection, which is leading to pests, waste accumulation and fly-tipping issues.

“The street scene in the area, anecdotally from residents, councillors, partners and officers is suffering as a consequence,” adds the report. The failure to responsibly manage waste and waste receptacles is a known contributor to pests, alongside contributing to waste accumulation and fly-tipping issues.”

The new condition states: “Each relevant person must ensure that the wheelie bin(s) for their property or waste presented for collection in a manner specified for their property is not situated outside the boundary of their premises other than between 6pm on the day before collection is due, and 9pm on the day of collection unless the wheelie bin is in an identifiable bin storage area or yard for wheelie bins of their property.”

The order applies to Fitzwilliam Road and extends to the River Don behind Eldon Road, Doncaster Road, and up to Mushroom Roundabout. A report adds that between January 2018 to March 2022 found that 1,020 anti-social behaviour incidents were recorded in the area – an average of 20 incidents per month.

Throughout the three years in which the PSPO has been in place, there has been around 600 reported incidents of anti-social behaviour and just over 60 fixed penalty notices issued. A report considered by RMBC’s cabinet at their meeting on June 20, states that of all complaints received about wheelie bins across the borough, 26 per cent came from the Fitzwilliam Road Area.

A public consultation found that 88 per cent of respondents were “positive” that the bin requirement “would be effective”. The report adds: “It is acknowledged that on occasion bins may be missed for collection or collections may be delayed.

“It is important to note that the requirement to remove bins from the street is only applicable following the actual collection of the waste, subject to that waste being presented correctly (without contamination etc).

“The condition has been designed in this way to ensure enforcement does not take place in the circumstances outside of the control of the resident in question.”

The new condition to the order is designed to “control the way in which residents present their bins”.

Sam Barstow, head of community safety and regulatory services told today’s meeting: “This is to try and control the way in which residents present their bins, so we reduce the impact of having bins on the street for a long period of time.

“In that particular area there are often narrow footpaths It has a real impact in terms of accessibility and mobility around the area, as well as the associated nuisance that it causes.”

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