Oxa breathing wearable uses live biofeedback to both reduce stress and improve sleep

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You know breathing is essential. However, you may not be aware how big breathing’s influence is on your health and mental state. Taking conscious control of your breathing is a way to influence your vital signs and nervous system. Consequently, you gain control of your body. This is the purpose of Oxa, which guides and teaches you how to reconnect with your mind and body through breathing. Differently from other wearables, which average data over minutes and days to estimate trends, Oxa gives you immediate feedback. It measures the impact of your breathing exercises on your heart rate, stress level, and other metrics in real time. The immersive and interactive app offers breathing exercises that adapt to you. And the game-like discovery journey makes it fun to learn and improve. Wear Oxa to wind down in the evening, sleep better at night, and practice mindfulness during the day.


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