Thais Ramone Clashes with John Over Patrick Mendes Bachelor Party Plans

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On last weekend’s episode of 90 Day Fiance, Patrick Mendes and Thais Ramone went to Vegas.

The goal was to see where he spent some of his childhood and, more importantly, to meet his brother Matthew.

Thais tried to turn the Vegas trip into a spontaneous Vegas wedding, to Patrick’s dismay. He turned her down.

Now, John has “ideas” about his brother’s bachelor party … and Thais is furious.

In this sneak peek clip of 90 Day Fiance Season 9, Episode 12, Patrick Mendes and John are having a chat.

Thais is just around the corner, appearing on camera but out of the brothers’ sight.

Why? She is concerned about the topic of conversation.

Thais is not wrong to be concerned.

Of course, the brothers will chat with each other. They’re brothers, and they live together.

But Thais is concerned that John has an agenda, and she’s right.

Thais has observed that John likes to insult her.

Apparently, this happens even more when he thinks that she is not listening.

John also does this to her face, and seems determined to sabotage her relationship with Patrick.

Meanwhile, John and Patrick’s conversation concerns upcoming plans.

John is suggests that Patrick’s bachelor party should feature numerous sex workers.

He actually says “100 hookers,” which is both hyperbole and includes a derogatory term for sex workers.

Patrick is adamantly opposed.

Despite the soulless bleachcore vibe of his home, Patrick is a stand-up guy.

He’s also a little tightly wound. The idea of the kind of party that John wants to throw makes him visibly uncomfortable.

Patrick tries to put this in terms that even John can understand: Thais is already as hot as it gets.

John, however, compares women to ice cream flavors, suggesting that variety is the spice of life.

That’s fine and well for open relationships or for polyamory, but what John is suggesting is neither: it’s cheating.

Thais enters the room, and does not try to hide that she overheard part of the conversation.

She confronts John, telling him that she heard what he said.

John responds with his, um, trademark maturity.

John challenges Thais, suggesting that she didn’t really hear anything.

In a contradictory statement, he claims that he “forgot” what he was talking about.

That is not terribly convincing.

Thais has been dealing with John’s difficult personality for weeks, now.

She has had enough of it.

Her annoyance is spelled out all across her face as John entertains himself by denying what he’d just said.

There is more to this than John trying to encourage Patrick to cheat on his fiancee.

John seems to be taunting Thais on the grounds that English is her second language.

He boasts to Patrick that Thais “doesn’t know what we’re talking about.”

Thais then asks Patrick, who answers honestly.

He tells her, in no uncertain terms, that his brother was suggesting a bachelor party.

While Patrick did not go into detail about John’s sex worker fantasies, his reply was still honest.

John then pitches a fit.

“You’re throwing me under the fire!” he exclaims, as perhaps a bus is not sufficiently dramatic.

To be clear, John was gleefully saying these things in the kitchen of the house, on camera.

Thais points out that, well, of course Patrick was honest with her.

“This is my future husband,” she reasons.

Lying to her would have been foolish. Patrick is not a fool.

In fact, though Patrick and Thais have their issues, they both care deeply about each other.

Thais should have been more honest about not telling her dad, while Patrick should have respected her boundary in that area.

Similarly, Patrick needs to communicate his feelings and compromise about home decor, while Thais needs to be patient.

When it comes to a bachelor party, however, Thais has seen what these are like.

(We wonder where she gets her impressions of things like Las Vegas and American bachelor parties — movies, maybe?)

She jokes that, should Patrick throw one of these, she would “kill” him and return to Brazil.

Fortunately, Patrick is as turned off by the idea as she is.

Unfortunately, John appears to revel in mischief and clearly resents that Thais is occupying his brother’s attention and home.

There is always a chance that John could “surprise” Patrick with an unwanted party. Oh dear.


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