Terrifying moments as women struggle to breathe

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Six women have been rescued from the back of a lorry in France, after the BBC helped track them down and alert the police.

The four Vietnamese and two Iraqis, thought to be migrants, were trapped inside, panicking and struggling to breathe. One of them spoke to the BBC from inside the lorry.

The BBC then helped to contact the police, who located the lorry.

A spokesperson for the French police told the BBC that the lorry driver was being questioned.

Update 29th September: The French prosecutor subsequently confirmed that the driver of the lorry had separately stopped in a lay-by and called police after hearing what sounded like voices. The prosecutor also confirmed that the driver was not under suspicion of any crime. The driver’s company have since told us that the driver assisted police with all their questions and gave a statement voluntarily. He was released without charge and allowed to continue on his way.

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