Tech news you may have missed: Sept. 29 – Oct. 6

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A new malware is causing ‘Chaos,’ Intel’s looking to charm developers and a study from Qualtrics XM Institute reveals tech leaders’ thoughts.

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In a fast-paced tech world, it’s easy to miss notable developments. Here are some of the top stories from TechRepublic for Sept. 29 – Oct. 6, 2022.

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New Chaos malware spreads over multiple architectures

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The Chaos malware is a versatile menace and can work on different architectures: ARM, Intel (i386), MIPS and PowerPC, providing DDoS services, cryptocurrency mining and backdoor capabilities.

TL;DR: Lumen researchers reveal the dangers and offer solutions, such as deploying endpoint detection and response tools.

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This massive learning library is on sale for just $50

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If you have an inquisitive nature, then here’s the chance to learn anything you want to know with this lifetime unlimited membership to StreamSkill.

TL;DR: StreamSkill has been in business for 15 years, so it probably knows a thing or two.

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Intel targets ‘true magicians’ with developer cloud launch

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It’s a kind of magic: Intel Developer Cloud is designed to accelerate productivity among developers looking for a cloud platform to pre-launch and test their products.

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TL;DR: It’s not only about the cloud as Intel also hopes to drive open programming through AI.

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15 highest-paying certifications for 2022


Money, money, money; must be funny in the rich man’s world. A new report from educational technology company Skillsoft discusses some useful certifications.

TL;DR: Spoiler alert! You should focus on the cloud or cybersecurity.

Read the full article here.

Study: IT leaders’ top priorities include improving operational efficiency and data management

IT team carrying out an operations model.
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Not a study in scarlet, but one from the Qualtrics XM Institute, which discloses tech leaders’ thoughts about budgets, customer growth, employee satisfaction and innovation.

TL;DR: Lots of stats in the report, but 60% of IT leaders said improving operational efficiency is a “critical area of focus.”

Read the full article here.

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