TapFresh air-to-water converter offers 3-level air purification and water sterilization

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Avoid ever having a water crisis in your home when you have the TapFresh air-to-water converter. Able to turn air into pure drinking water, this gadget offers 3-level air purification and 3-level water sterilization. Like magic, it draws drinking water from the air by capturing unpolluted fresh water in the air around you. In fact, it can produce as much as 20 liters of water a day—both warm and cold. Additionally, this eco-friendly device doesn’t require a water source. Simply plug it in, and it will begin using the surrounding air! It does so by creating a heat exchange between hot and cold air, shifting the ambient temperature to reach the dew point. This cools the air to turn water molecules in the air into droplets, which you can eventually drink. Finally, it has a smart touch panel for easy control.

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