Take extra screen space anywhere with the Spectrum Nano portable monitor

Wish you could take a big, immersive screen for your work or games with you on the go? You can, with the Spectrum Nano. It’s lightweight, portable, and works as a 10-point touchscreen.

Work in on-the-go comfort with the Spectrum Nano portable monitor. This lightweight, portable monitor features a 5,000 mAh built-in battery and an intuitive 10-point touchscreen, enhancing productivity.

Do you take your work with you everywhere? Maybe you game on the move. Well, one portable monitor that both professionals and gamers will appreciate is the Spectrum Nano portable monitor.

This compact monitor has a bunch of cool features to make life easier for remote workers and gamers. Let’s have a look at it.

Provides an immersive color display

Gamers and professionals love a vivid screen. It makes game details more perceptible and projects more immersive. Luckily, the Spectrum Nano delivers those things with its IPS and HDR technology.

It displays over 1 billion colors. Meanwhile, its printing-caliber 100% Adobe REB color gamut, along with Delta E<2 color accuracy, make this WFH gadget ideal for anyone, even a professional creator.

Spectrum Nano in a video

Sharpens videos with stunning 4K

Enjoy the clarity of Ultra-HD 4K resolution. The technology isn’t just for TVs anymore. This lightweight portable monitor allows you to experience sharp resolution and color anywhere.

Gamers will love how immersive their worlds look, no matter where or when they play. And, of course, the sharp clarity amplifies the productivity of any mobile workspace.

Offers a smooth 165Hz refresh rate

With Ultra-HD 4K technology, the Spectrum Nano is already one immersive display. But what pushes it over the edge is a 1440p (2K) resolution with a 165Hz refresh rate in addition to the 1080p 120Hz variant.

These take your content viewing to a whole new level of superb. The impressive 165Hz refresh rate transfers fast-moving visuals without an issue, letting you experience super smooth games.

Just connect your mobile device to enjoy speedy gameplay with 120Hz output with incredibly low latency and touchscreen capabilities.

Delivers a wide viewing angle and anti-flicker technology

Moreover, this lightweight, portable monitor also offers a 170° wide-viewing angle. That way, you can view your work from all sides.

Then, the Anti-Flicker technology lets you experience an immersive display and smooth visuals without any flickering on the screen.

Enhances productivity with a 10-point touchscreen

Even better, the Spectrum Nano isn’t just a monitor but also a touchscreen. Flaunting an interactive 10-point touchscreen, the experience is responsive and accurate.

It allows you to edit documents or graphics, play games, or draw on slides with your fingertips. Compatible with Windows 10 and macOS, you can stay productive anywhere.

Works with console, PC, and mobile games

All it takes is a USB-C or HDMI connection to take vivid color and a fast refresh rate wherever you want to play.

The company says the portable display will work on most MacOS systems, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation, or Android platforms.

Powers itself for more prolonged use during travel

The Spectrum Nano is self-powered, which, the company says, means that it has a battery pre-built inside. In the case of this portable monitor, the battery has a massive 5,000mAh capacity.

This allows the device to run for about 5 hours on a single charge, letting you work longer or watch more content while you travel. Meanwhile, it won’t drain the battery of a connected device.

Offers a sturdy build and a plug & play design

What’s more, this lightweight portable monitor is convenient to own with its durable design. Made with an aluminum alloy chassis, it protects the body from damage and provides passive cooling.

Then, it’s ready anytime without setup, installation, or software. Simply plug in your device, and you’re ready to work or play.

Displays brighter images and plays stereo audio

Say you like to work or game in the great outdoors. You can continue to do so with the Spectrum Nano. It offers boosted brightness of over 300 nits, letting you see clear images and legible text even on sunny days.

Furthermore, a great display should come with impeccable sound, and this portable monitor does. With 2 integrated speakers, this gadget elevates your audiovisual.

Gives you a flexible display for work or play

Whether you use this lightweight, portable monitor for work, play, or both, it goes above and beyond your needs, combining stunning visuals, smoothness, and a high response rate.

It’s the ideal workspace gadget for the work-from-homer, on-the-go professional, content creator, or mobile gamer in your life—preorder one for just $200 on Indiegogo.

What portable workspace gadgets do you use and love? Let us know!

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