SUPERHEXA Vision dual-cam AR glasses offer live streaming and hands-free shooting

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Wear a powerful gadget when you have the SUPERHEXA Vision dual-cam AR glasses. Giving you hands-free shooting, they ensure you’re always ready to snap a shot. Additionally, they also have a bright and clear near-eye display that gives you a real-time HD viewing experience. Plus, you can adjust the optical display up and down 15 as well as front and back 15, letting you enjoy a personalized viewing angle. Moreover, it delivers 1–15x hybrid zoom and AF so you don’t have to manually focus or check the light or composition of the image. Simply keep looking at the subject and then press the photo button. With real-time translation, they give you access to real-time speech-to-text conversion in 10+ languages. Not only that, but they also support real-time translation in 9 languages—powered by Google.

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