Stromer ST7 Speed Pedelec bike has the Pinion Smart.Shift system & Gates Carbon Belt drive

Enjoy a smooth, long-lasting ride on the Stromer ST7 Speed Pedelec bike. This impressive eBike boasts an electronic shifting system: the Pinion Smart.Shift C1.12i. This, along with its Gates Carbon Belt drive, ensures it’s a low-maintenance commuter gadget. Plus, the Pinion technology gives you automotive driving dynamics, a reliable gearbox, and pushbutton electric shifting. Moreover, its ABS brakes, headlights, and 27.5-inch tires support all your everyday commuting needs. With a powerful rear-wheel motor and optional Sport mode, it delivers assistance up to 75 km/hr! Beyond this, its powerful battery capacity of 1,440 Wh ensures you can travel as far as 260 kilometers. Enjoy the Solid Gold and Dark Platinum color options, which both have mobile connectivity, GPS tracking, and Bluetooth unlocking and locking.

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