Steph-mania has seeped into the WNBA

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“Night night.”

“Night night.”
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If it were not already apparent that Steph Curry is the popular kid who dictates whether 10th graders one- or two-strap their backpacks, fans needn’t look no further than the WNBA for proof. I debated if Sabrina Ionescu hitting a game-clinching 3 and striking the Steph “night night” pose against the Atlanta Dream on Friday was post-worthy, and god provided me a sign that it was, indeed, content after Skylar Diggins-Smith struck the same taunt Saturday night after her own contest-sealing 3 against the Dallas Wings.

First, here’s the former Oregon Duck and current New York Libertarian(?) splashing a shot from the last “A” on Atlanta’s half-court logo.

And now here’s the one-time Fighting Irishwoman and current Phoenix Mercury guard unholstering her “night night.”

If I had to rank whose ode to Steph was better, it’s Diggins-Smith’s. She seemed better prepared and had the perfect expressionless assassin look on her face. I mean, she pulls out the celebration as soon as the ball rips through the net, if not sooner.

The best part of all of this Curry worshiping is you know LeBron James is watching and getting madder at every new copycat, wondering why more players aren’t high-stepping and pounding their chests. The readout Maverick Carter gave him said his routine was easy enough to emulate and would resonate with basketball fans and players alike.

Curry might be the most charismatic player I’ve ever seen. When Michael Jordan retired after the second three-peat, Bob Costas was so enamored with His Airness that their sit-downs mirrored the Chris Farley Show. Sure, ESPN anchors and the guests LeBron invites on the Barbershop are plenty reverent toward King James.

It’s not Bill Simmons and Ryen Russillo complaining about how torn they are rooting against Steph, or WNBA hoopers overlooking the corniness of the night night dance and putting opponents to rest anyway. I said that the Curry celebration was going to be in NBA 2K23, but now it’ll be featured in the promotional material.

Fans and sportswriters love to throw around the word “transcendent” to the point that it’s lost most of its meaning. However, this particular moment isn’t the best time to make that call. It’s the small things that come after the parade and trophy presentations. Ionescu and Diggins-Smith enthusiastically imitating a hand gesture like it’s the Dougie or the Macarena is what tips the scales from fan favorite to era-defining classic.

Astros show why you never let them see you bleed

There’s not a lot that’ll put a damper on the spirits of Yankees’ fans. The team is well on pace for 100-plus wins, and Aaron Judge is having a season so good that Hal Steinbrenner will offer him a massive extension out of fear that George Steinbrenner’s ghost will suffocate him in his sleep if he doesn’t.

The Bronx has been burning to such a face-melting degree that fans crave a dismemberment after the first sight of blood. Following a Judge walk-off single Thursday, the best team in baseball has managed a single run and five hits over two losses, with whiskey in the wound coming in the form of being no-hit for the eighth time in franchise history Saturday.

Cristian Javier pitched seven innings of hitless baseball with 13 Ks and one walk. Relievers Hector Neris and Ryan Pressly combined for the final six outs, and Houston notched the no-hitter en route to win No. 45 on the season, good for third-best in the majors.

Gerrit Cole hurled seven innings for the Yankees, tallying eight Ks while allowing one run in a losing effort. The Astros are good, but the team also knows they’re in the heads of New York’s franchise and fans alike. This kind of pettiness is reserved for the Red Sox, and that’s it.

Either let 2017 go, or let the ’Stros get to you.


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