Stealtho Magic Office Chair Replacement Wheels are safe for all different types of floors

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Say goodbye to chair mats with Stealtho Magic Office Chair Replacement Wheels. They are safe for all floors since they won’t make marks or scratches. Casters work on hardwood, tile, carpet, laminate, and more. The wheels can even withstand up to 300 kilograms and have a US Utility Patent. They also have been tested and received a CGS quality certificate for 100,000 cycles. You can easily roll over obstacles including cables and thresholds. Made from high-tech elastic polyurethane, the wheels are smooth and noiseless. They also come with a locking system, allowing you to fix the chair in place. Stealtho wheels glow in the dark, enabling you to find the chair at night easily. Plus you won’t trip over them in the dark. Modern and sophisticated in design, they give your chair an innovative upgrade. Finally, they don’t collect any dirt, ensuring the chair always moves with ease.

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